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Need Help?

I first contacted dr. B through Instagram. He than delegated me to his team. At first i had many doubts about my precedure, so i asked a lot of questions. All my answeres where answered and i decided to go through with it. We arrived at the clinic and was taken care of immidiatly. I have never seen a clinic and a team like this who takes care and appriciates their patients. We got to talk with dr.B. He used his time on us and wasnt in a rush, and not to mention his straff. They were so good and professional. I wasnt scared and felt really comfortable before my procedure. The results i got was amazing. I was already in love with the results the moment after. I’m glad i chose doctor B. And I’ll probably come back if i want to do anything in the future.

I contacted dr.B some of my friend recommending me to him, I was scared and nervous at first but dr.B and his team was so attentive professional and very good at giving me advice I’m so glad I went to dr.B I’m so happy and pleased with my results that I’ll be going back for more, the nurses where amazing to and the after care was always there to answer any request even you do not ask for it. This is something different over the TOP VIP service.

I am very satisfied with the work of Dr.B. He knows exactly what he is doing. The clinic is very clean and modern. All staff are very friendly and helpful. We have been well looked after by Jenya and Sabrina all the time. A big thank you to both and a big thank you to Doctor B Teamfor the whole process.

I am so, so happy with the results of my procedure. My quality of life and confidence in myself have been greatly improved. The facility is so lovely and state of the art. I am very grateful for the kind, intelligent, and responsive staff. I immediately felt comfortable there. Everyone was super nice and super professional. They kept in close touch after the procedure and that has been so appreciated. I highly recommend this doctor and this facility.

Doctor Bülent Cihantimur has a wonderful talent. He is so professional and does the best plastic surgeries. He did body reshaping to me and transferred fat into my buttocks. I got the best result I could ever expected. Now my body looks perfect. I always had complex for my arms. He fix it with plazma. Now i can enjoy perfect body because of Doctor B. After surgery stuff Take care about you like family. Clinic is beautiful. It was the best decision to chose doctor Bülent. I will say Thank you Doctor B for all my life. Best recommendations for those who wanna have best plastic surgery with best doctor.

As if there is a magic wand and everything is going to be okay when Doctor B touches it. Thank you for getting me gain self-confidence and providing great change in Turkey.

Here is perfect! The team is amazing! When was the last time that make your pillow? Before anything else, natural change that I experienced, catching radiant admiring glances make me feel reborn. Every day I say that I preferred Doctor B fortunately!

I have spider web aesthetics. Yes, it does not hurt, you can get back to your work after “yes” operation. I have returned to have my 30-aged face expression. If you believe it, rejuvenation on my face made my dress and color choices. I am so happy!

Actually, I went to the clinical to get information for another operation but he examined the problems on my face and presented a total solution. He never touched me and make only intervention about areas on my face that should be brought into the forefront. It was a great experience, fortunately I preferred him

I have lost my hair since 19. I realized that I waited for nothing and my 20 years without hair was wasted. The master and guru for this problem in Turkey is Doctor B. I very happy and peaceful. I particularly recommend this clinic, Organic Hair Transplantation and Doctor B.

Change adventure starts at the airport and when you take out to go home, you remember that each moments of your life are very wonderful once again. I have breasts beautification surgery. I wish I remembered Doctor B earlier. I wish I decided earlier. Right clinic and doctor make your dreams come true.

I made researches for a long time and tried to make a decision for a long time. Doctor B and his team have scientific and helpful approaches from A to Z. I have nose plastic surgery. Doctor B is one and only person who says that a woman and man must not have a same nose. I now have a masculine nose but extremely aesthetical nose. My dreams come true.

Very clean, elegant, Professional, fast, understanding, helpful and luxurious…words are the criteria I can tell for Doctor B Clinic. I have visited this clinic second time and I was satisfied with the service they provide. So glad I have them!

The only address I trust is this clinic for years. The team is the best at their work and approaches you like you are a queen. Doctor B tells you what needs to be done in 3 minutes. They give trust and they always give good results. They are the best at filling Botox!

I had breast-boosting operating 4 times before applying to Doctor B. Each operation made me worse. Asymmetry in my breasts and incisions marks depressed me completely. Doctor B made Breast Beautification. Even the name of operation is perfect. I directed my 4 friends to them for revision surgery. I can say that they really saved me. Thank you for everything.

I found Doctor B while making research about vagina aesthetics. He is the only surgeon who won reward about this subject. I was hosted like a princess and my operation was great. I can say that I am reborn. Awarded-aesthetic “Genital Beautification” is really privilege.

I have operations in different clinics for years. I have never faced with a team worked professionally as much as this team. They are unbelievable! I also recommend rejuvenation treatment to my friends. I saw no one who is not satisfied.

I have 3 nose aesthetics operation and I could not have breathed for 10 years. Each surgeon impaired my nose, my under eyes bags become purple and I was out of mind. The worse is that no aesthetical surgeon wants to operate me. I would first to thank Doctor B to make me relaxed and bring me back to life. Revision is number one in nose aesthetic!

My upper body is 38-size, lower part is 42-size. I could not wear dress. I always take my all clothes to the tailor and make their sizes changed. I am getting sad when I now rethink my problems that I experienced. I can say that Doctor B and his good-humored team recreated my legs. I pay my respects and express my sincere thanks to them.

Doctor B Clinic located near the most luxurious mall of Turkey has a perfect location. Go shopping, eat your food, drink your coffee and then go upstairs for care and finish your job and go back home. It is a golden opportunity for Istanbul.

I read columns of Doctor B while making researches about fat transfer. I researched the technique developed by him and communicated the patient operated by this technique. I applied to him brazil buttocks. He did great job. I will now go for stem cell. He does good jobs.

I think that he is the one and only surgeon who says size of breast is not important but vitality. And he made upright and live breasts that fit my figure. I’ve been great!

I had a sleeve gastrectomy 2 years ago and got the ideal weight. But my body has an extreme sagging. I can say that Doctor B has retouched my whole body. My arms, my legs, my breasts, and my tummy were straightened down. I am so happy!

He has got a magic hands! I had a surgical body reshaping. He is the best

After taking a quick weight and giving it, I experienced some loss of form especially in my breasts. After my pregnancy, my body looked very bad when I put on the cracks in the abdominal region. Dr. Cihantimur made for 3.5 hours, operation with his magic hands. I feel like I'm reborn right now with my body.

First I would strongly thanks DR B his a real artist very professional and so kind friendly human I really can't fond the right word to describe him just many thanks and all his team specially his assistant she's amazing kind helpful flexible any time you need her very pretty by both sides I did BBL and fat transfer with a dream result straightaway after surgery the nurse stayed with me all night helping me take care of me and Dr B come to see me and do a check in the morning You feel that you are the only one in the clinic every one cares about you 1000000 thanks again Dr B to make my dream true

I came from France for Total Body Reshaping. Everything was perfect. The crew is really professional. Now ı gotta wonderful body!

I had implants on my breasts since 2008. Doctor B had both the implants renewed and a little fat injection. I am very pleased now. Thank you for breast beautification

I could not enter the Body ReShaping operation because of fear of anesthesia for years. I was constantly following Doctor B's instagram account. Finally I gathered up the operation. Anesthesia team, nurses, Dr. Bülent are all angels. I am so pleased with the result. I recommend everyone.

If you would like a fairytale and to be beautiful immediately, Doctor B and his team is the right choice. I am now in the clouds.