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Need Help?

Five weeks post- op, ten days away from Istanbul: physically, I am doing great- emotionally I am nostalgic! Is it the beautiful Istanbul that I’m missing or the kindness and care I received during and after my surgeries?

The care starts through Dr. Bulent’s health consultants, one of which is the enthusiastic Muge who is available to answer questions and address concerns. I’m grateful to her for being there for me before and during my trip.

The care continues upon arrival in Istanbul. Patients are picked up, guided, and taken to Dr. Bulent’s hospital by guides at the airport and drivers, all organized by Dr. Bulent’s Guest Relation team, expertly led by Ipek. The transfers are organized by Gunay whose competency in synchronizing the events and dealing with crises managed to amaze me on many occasions. I wouldn’t have been able to manage my trip without Gunay- she saved me on many occasions and she was available 24/7.

The Guest Relation team is the first to warmly welcome patients upon arrival in Istanbul and then every time at the hospital. Although practically a hospital, it looks, sounds, feels, and smells like a five star hotel that your charming family own and operate and are waiting to celebrate your arrival. Ipek and her team treat patients wholeheartedly, with utmost kindness and respect, greet and invite them to their exotic sour cherry/cinnamon tea or coffee in the luxurious waiting area. The choice of music is absolutely brilliant as it is the most relaxing sound; however, unlike other relaxing tones, the more you hear, the more interested you become in hearing more …I have not experienced anything like that- I catch myself humming the sound all the time at work now!

Then there is the medical team, headed by the amazingly talented Dr. Bulent whose aptitudes and competencies are beyond descriptive words; the courteous, sweet, my adorable anesthesiologist Dr. Murat whom I miss a lot; and last but not the least the beautiful souls, wonderful nurses: Belma my sweet scholar who found medication compatible with my physiological sensitivities and was available for me 24/7. I would not have a smooth post-op had it not been for Belma and for that I’m forever grateful; Oxana the beautiful china-doll with the finest touch caring for me at my post-op visits. Noria, whose voice I never forget whispering kindly in my ear my name in conjunction with kindest adjectives and caressing my wounds compassionately when applying my medication. Sevgi, the incredible massage therapist with her magic touch. I did not need my biological family with me as I had my surgical with me from the moment I decided I trust Dr. Bulent and what a smart decision that was.

In our country, cosmetic nose surgery is one of the most popular aesthetic operations and yes, I am one of those people, I had my nose done last year. It was crooked and hooked. I didn’t like having my photos taken from profile and I always kept my hair down to hide my face and nose. I was snoring because my crooked nose, making it hard to breath. These are what I knew. After my interview with Operator Dr. Bulent Cihantimur, I have learned many other things. For example, waking up tired, dark circles under my eyes, my pale skin was all because of my nose. However, I only cared about beauty and my profile.

There are genetic problems with our noses. We are not a family that has nice, small noses. Before me, my sister had her nose done by another surgeon. She had a long healing process with pain, swelling, edema and bruising. At the end of this process, she got a very fake and unaesthetic nose, which didn’t go well with her face. My mother tried to help my sister for a long time and my sister had to get another surgery. Because of this bad example, my parents objected to my surgery and my father even said that he wasn’t going to pay for it. 

Last year, finally I convinced my mother and we went to Mr. Bülent’s clinic. First, he looked at my sister and explained the reason why she didn’t like her nose and why she had problems. He explained that my sister’s operations caused her serious damages, most of the skin was gone and there was no area to work on. When he turned to me, I got a chance to see the possible result on digital media.

That day, I understood the importance of a trustful relationship between doctor and patient. Conversations before the operation are very beneficial for the surgery. I suggest you to have long conversations with your doctor and see the before after photos of previous applications. 

At the age of 22, I would have my dream nose. Now I have a nose that goes well with my face, I stopped snoring, my dark circles and fatigue are gone and my skin is renewed. My sister was suffering and my mother blamed herself for years, but my successful operation relieved us a little bit.

Mr. Bulent approached these two cases in different ways, he said “yes” to the possible and “I am sorry” to the impossible. He explained the situation clearly without hurting her feelings and ruining her hopes and dreams. He told my sister to take care of her hair, eyes, lips and skin instead of her nose.

Actually, this conversation itself was enough for my sister. My sister stopped obsessing over her nose and I became very confident with my new nose. It was like, I was more beautiful and more like me. Before I couldn’t breathe easily, but now I breathe and feel that I am alive.

It was my birthday a week ago. I have 2 daughters and 4 grandchildren. Altogether, we celebrated my 70th birthday.  My husband and I are retired. Thankfully, we are living a pleasant life with some savings remained form our family. I always took care of myself and my diet. I raised my daughters to be the same. I taught them the importance of aesthetics and now they teach the same thing to their daughters.

The age of 70 may sound very distant and strange to most of you. It’s nothing but a number. My age is beautiful and experienced. I thought whether my soul had an age. No, it doesn’t have an age. My soul is ageless, souls don’t age, it’s like they’re on another dimension. Human beings live with their soul, not some numbers.

My husband and I had an arranged marriage. We got along and fell in love. In our first years, I used to watch him sleeping all night and thank God for bringing him to me.

When we graduated, we got married and had 2 children. There are many reasons for our good marriage but the most important one is that we never stopped loving each other. I was a well-groomed woman but I wasn’t very beautiful. My husband looked at me like I was the most beautiful woman in the world and he made me feel this way. We never got bored of kissing or making love. Don’t say that there is no sexual life for a 70-year-old. As I said before, I don’t live with numbers, I live with my soul.

When I was 55, I had had a facelift surgery. It was an extremely natural and aesthetic operation. I was very satisfied. I was feeling some corrosion on my intimate area, just like my face. I started researching for this. I consulted with 3 different surgeons. I don’t know why but none of them could feel my needs. They all listened, I told them my problems but I felt that all of them was thinking, “You’re at your mid-seventies, it’s too late”. I don’t know, maybe I was wrong. Of course, I discussed it with my husband. With his support, I started doing researches again.

The daughter of a friend recommended my Mr. Cihantimur. I will never forget the day of my interview. I was thinking that I was going to see another indifferent attitude but I came into a very different environment and I was welcomed by a gentleman. I think we chatted for one hour. He showed me a great affection; despite my age, he was affirming, understanding and appreciating.

Why wouldn’t I make our special times a lot more pleasant? After a week, I had genital cosmetic surgery. I am very pleased with the result. It is a very special area for a woman but eventually it’s just another body part. I put my lipstick on, I want to look beautiful, and so doesn’t this special area deserve some attention too? I am alive, there are many countries that I want to see and many foods that I want to taste. That passion and joy of life never goes away. It is up to us to make it higher.

With love to Cihantimur...

She came to my clinic one year ago. She was a 42-year-old, attractive, well-groomed, successful woman who could express herself well. She was good at technology, she had been following me on the digital media and she was aware about the latest operation methods. When patients come into my room, I examine their whole body, especially their face; I did the same to her. She didn’t have any problems except slight lines on her face. A single, successful business woman... She worked together with the opposite sex on every step of her business life and she successfully overcame many obstacles she had because of being a woman. So, what brought her to me?

 She said, “Now, I am going to tell you about a deficiency of mine that nobody knows except my family.”

With the excitement and anxiety of telling her problem to someone except her family, this indestructible looking woman started crying like a little girl. She told me about her breast problem, which she had been keeping as a secret for 42 years. “I don’t have dressing mirror in my room, I put my make up on and leave home, for me bathing is nothing but cleaning me with my eyes closed. I couldn’t even look at the other parts of my body. I don’t know anything about the other parts of my body; I ignored it because of my breast area.”

At that point, examining her would be the most illogical attempt. I only offered a hot beverage and a nice conversation. Her problem was having a single breast. This problem that can be called absent breast, it mostly does not occur before puberty and the nipple can appear on areas like armpits or crotch or as single breast with double nipples. It is a common problem to have normal breasts during childhood but having one of them underdeveloped after puberty.

While we were drinking our tea, I asked her if she had watched the popular TV serial “Muhteşem Yüzyıl”. When she said that she did, I told her a rumor about Kanuni Sultan Süleyman’s daughter Mihrimah Sultan. Kanuni and Hurrem’s daughter, whose real name was “Mihr ü mah”, had a single breast. My patient was surprised to hear that one of the most characters of this popular serial had the same problem and she started looking more hopeful. The pain reduces when you share it and when you see someone like you; your pain becomes more bearable. You stop asking the question “why me?” and you start being grateful for the things you have.

Mihrimah Sultan asks Architect Sinan to build a mosque with a Turkish bath inside and put a special lodge for her. It is said that Mihrimah Sultan used to go to this lodge of her and take bath by herself without getting help from her odalisques, so that no one could see her. That rumor was spread in the whole city but it could never overshadow her beauty.  In fact, later, women with removed breasts due to cancer or women born without breasts came to this bath to clean themselves and pray.

We are not sure about this rumor but there are many women in the world with this problem. My patient told me that she couldn’t go to the beach, use implants in her bras and most importantly, she didn’t bring any men in her life due to her problem. Having a single breast by birth was causing her to be alone and ashamed and she was focused on her career to cope with her loneliness.

Being Mihrimah Sultan, the one and only daughter of Kanuni, the eternal love of Architect Sinan is way more different than sharing your body with loneliness... However, my patient was luckier than Mihrimah Sultan. Today, the absence of breast problem can be solved with an extremely simple operation. My final question was: “Why did you wait so long?” I couldn’t believe that even such a modern and successful business women had postponed aesthetic surgery for that long. Another thing that is hard to believe, -I am not only talking about my patient’s parents- that how come the parents of such children doesn’t get help from an aesthetic surgeon for them? 

If only... If my patients’ problem was acknowledged and solved before, I am sure that this successful woman would be happier and maybe she would have a beloved husband and kids. 

My patient became relaxed after a friendly chat and exchanging stories. After examining her, she came back with necessary tests in 2 days and I performed a one-hour breast surgery. A 42 years deficiency was corrected in 1 hour.  Breast implant was inserted, her nipple and her areola form were rejuvenated, she returned to work a few days later. She had made research about Mihrimah Sultan and she told me that her real name is “Mihr ü mah” which means “moon and sun” and she said: “For years, I was living on the dark side of the moon, thank you for giving me the sun.”

My problem was that the labia of my female genital organ were larger than usual. I didn’t notice that I had such a problem until I had my first period. People become aware of their private areas, but they don’t think about how they should look like. I noticed my problem when I started having inconveniences. When I had my period, it was very painful to use the toilet because the droopy and thick labia had irritation caused by friction of pads I used. The pads made from cotton were not helping.

At the age of 13-14, those scars on my genital area were reappearing every month and I was getting my next period till I recover from the scars. I still don’t understand why I didn’t question the reason of this drooping or if other people had the same problem when I examined that area while waxing. After some time, even my cotton underwear started to hurt me because of friction. Walking, running, crossing legs was extremely painful. Just like men, I had a piece of skin between my legs and because of this; I could never feel like a woman.

Now I am 34 years old and I have been dealing with this problem for twenty years. Wearing skinny jeans or bathing suits were a nightmare. This private, secret and inexpressible problem lived with me for years. Even though it was hidden, it killed me inside and caused me to keep men away from myself. It turned my summer holidays into a nightmare. 

I was running away from men all my life. I couldn’t even flirt. This feeling caused me to step back and try not to draw attention. I began my career in my 20s and these scars were scabbed, the skin became like the heel skin and its color started darkening. Suffering became like a habit, I had embraced it.

Last year, I changed my job and I met someone there. It was the first time that I had strong feelings for a man. But I was shy because of my condition; I couldn’t express myself and I acted like a little girl. I was running away, as he approached. My negative behavior caused him to get away from me. One day, I saw him holding hands with another girl and I was devastated. I even considered suicide because I lost him. I didn’t want to accept that body of mine.

When I remember those days, I get angry at myself for not looking for a solution before 

When I started doing some research about the problem on my genital area, I found out that I wasn’t alone. When I searched “disfigurement of the labia” on the Internet, I entered to a whole new world. My problem even had a name in medicine. Women are writing about her problems on blogs. They have been given some doctor names and told about their problems before and after the operation. When I was researching on some blogs, I saw a patient explaining her problems and experiences under the title “Genital Rejuvenation”. This title helped me to get another perspective about life. To talk about the problem’s solution, I think it is the best statement to say “treating the private area like treating the face”.

And then I came to Mr. Bülent’s clinic in Bursa. He told me about all of the operation process and after one week he performed the surgery. Right now, the way I walk, talk and my attitude have completely changed. I went running to get myself some underwear and skinny jeans. I decided not to remember all those painful years. I am thankful to God, for helping and guiding me to solve my problem. Now, all I want is to fall in love again and enjoy the feelings that I couldn’t before.

I had an sleeve gastrectomy 2 years ago and got the ideal weight. But my body has an extreme sagging. I can say that Doctor B has retouched my whole body. My arms, my legs, my breasts, and my tummy were straightened down. I am so happy!

Me and my husband have been married for 30 years and we have 2 kids. After my mid-forties, symptoms of menopause began. This process psychologically affected me and I started care about the things that I hadn’t cared before. On the other hand, I wasn’t feeling womanly or feminine, I felt like I was no longer a woman. That period affected our relationship with my husband. I started to feel less feminine and older; I couldn’t stand my daily life.

Actually, my problem was coming from way before. I gave birth to my sons with natural delivery. On my genital area, now I know that on my outer genital area, a deformation had occurred, but we took it as a gift from our sons. The important problem was the vaginal canal; my internal genital region. My canal was enlarged because of normal delivery and affected the pleasure of me and my husband. But you cannot easily talk about such problems. I tried to talk with my gynecologist but now I understand that they don’t want to be involved in these issues; I hear this from other people too.

Accepting that situation caused our sex life to become low-key. After Menopause, laxity in the internal and external genital region increased even more. With my emotional burnout, our sex life was interrupted. In this period, I reached Mr. Bülent. After a pre-interview including my psychological state, I made my decision to get this operation that scares me a lot. It was not as I feared.

Now I am 52 years old. Thanks to these operations, I started feeling pleasure and our sexual life became as it used to be. And as a menopausal woman, I stopped feeling old and less feminine. It was a reason for me to start over my life.

Even if men have them as well, breasts are identified with women. Men have breasts too, yes, and it is an erogenous zone for them too but there is no such thing as a busty man. My problem starts right from here. I am not talking about muscular, built-up breasts; they are fatty men breasts that have caused me huge problems.

Actually, I wasn’t a fat man. I have a normal weight. However, still it was making my breasts look even larger. If I was fat, I would say my breasts were large because of my weight but they weren’t. These unmanly swellings were causing me to have problems with my wife, kids and I was feeling uncomfortable in my social life.

Especially in summer, I was wearing tight undershirts to hide these swellings but it was a torture in hot weather. My breasts were visible through any clothes; can you imagine them on the beach?! I was trying to go isolated places so that no one could see me with bathing suit. I was going to attend an important business meeting, I used to wear corset on my chest area to squeeze my breasts and make them look smaller. This was making me upset and uncomfortable.

My wife was talking about breast reduction surgeries. Actually, my condition was not the breast reduction; it was a surgery for removing fat from male breast, in other words gynecomastia in medical language. Many things like the surgery, anesthesia, long healing process, being unable to go to work was causing me to be afraid of this operation.

A couple months ago, one of my relatives went to Mr. Bülent’s clinic to get hair transplantation. Since he had seen my problems during last summer holiday, he took some brochures and obtained some information about gynecomasty surgery. He called me and gave me information about a simple, non-surgical application, which is done by removing fat from that area. I was shy as always. However, my wife researched on this issue, learned about the whole process and met Mr. Bülent. One night, my wife and son explained the issue to me. They made appointment.

I accepted because they had taken their time to make appointment. Mr. Bülent told me about the process. First he said that it was a non-surgical application and a small canal is going to be opened to remove the excess fat. When I got home, my son showed me the videos of this liposculpture method and finally, I decided to make another appointment.

I think the operation took half an hour.  I didn’t feel pain nor had other complaints. I didn’t go to work on Friday, I rested at the weekend and I went back to work on Monday. Now, I have normal male breasts. We threw away my corsets and tight T-shirts. I am extremely happy and I started planning our holiday with my children.

During his school years, people’s physical properties determine their nicknames. I got my share from that. People used to call me with humiliating names. People think that aesthetic surgery is only for women; especially in Turkish society men are mostly defined by their character instead of their physical appearance; adjectives like “manly man, courageous, brave” are used for them. This prejudgment caused me to live with those ears for 27 years.

Ever since I could remember, the only thing I see on the mirror is my ears. At the age of 5-6, even when I wasn’t aware of this situation, my friends caused me to find out that I had abnormal ears with their insults. My friends were calling me nicknames because of my ears. Even if I seemed cool about this issue, I knew that secretly I hated this abnormality. But appearance is the most important issue for adolescents since others pay attention to it during this period. My ears caused me to be insulted during high school years. During school years when I was obliged to cut my hair, I couldn’t hide my ears with my hair. It ruined my relationships with girls and took away my self-esteem. 

During summer, at the age of 17, I started to grow my hair and I didn’t go to a barber for ten years. Now they started calling names because of my long hair. During university years, my ears were a problem for my relationship with girls. Glue helped my ears, which were even seen through my hair. I am not kidding, for a long time I glued my ears.

My ears caused me to live with the fear of rejection. University ended and I was called to join the army. Joining army meant getting a haircut. That’s why I started my master and PhD. This story may sound funny to you but my ears limited my academic career and my relationship with girls and I couldn’t go to army because of my problem.

Today, I am a 27-year-old engineer. One day, I found myself thinking “why all those scientific studies that I had carried out didn’t help my self-esteem?” Why I wasn’t trying to find a solution for my ears, why I was avoiding from army duty, being shy around girls and growing my hair? It was insane. I had tried everything but I hadn’t considered aesthetic surgery.

When I was struggling with those, I saw a newspaper title about non-surgical cosmetic ear correction. My researches brought me to Mr. Bülent. I watched his applications, methods on his videos and then I made an appointment. During our pre-interview, I told him about my problem and its effects on my life. That day, this was what I understood from what Mr. Bülent had said: There were many men, who had the same problem, I wasn’t the only one and it had a solution. I learned that parents can eliminate this problem and this operation can be performed on very young children to help them have a healthier psychological process during their childhood.

I didn’t want to live with this problem for the rest of my life. A non-surgical application was performed under local anesthesia. I got through this period without any pain or complication. This simple problem took my 27 years away. Now I want to complete my army duty and continue to my life with my short hair and my own name.

I educated hundreds of children and I retired last year. My husband and I worked hard to raise our two sons and now they are engineers and happily married. I was dreaming about retirement for years but after years of working, when I started living a quiet life at home I felt like a fish out of water. During those days when I started to question my life, I found out that my husband had had a relationship with another woman for a little while.

His relationship had continued for a while and ended.  Even though I knew that marriages become monotony in time and there are no longer excitements like the first times, I started thinking that it was an escape. He cheated. While I was helping my sons’ homework at night, taking care of our house all the time without thinking about myself and after five years, finding out that my husband went to another woman and so finding out the real reason why he was coming home late was a huge devastation for me.

I saw my husband after a month. One night, after dinner while having our teas, I told him that I knew about that woman. He didn’t deny. He didn’t blame me or himself. “It was a mistake and I am sorry that you’ve heard.” He explained me that he loved me and he didn’t give up on me even when he was with that woman and he told me that he made a huge mistake. I just listened. Did I want to throw my 30 years, get divorced and start a whole new like? I didn’t even want to ask him “why?”

I was emotionally devastated. As I learned from the books I’ve read, almost all cheated women have experienced the same process. I couldn’t decide how to answer, should I stay or should I go?

I preferred to be confident about the life and future. I am an orderly, tidy, planned and programmed woman who does not like surprises and maybe a little control freak. Maybe this dull life made my husband turn to other women. Now I don’t blame that woman and my husband, I was in a forgiving manner. The same house, same couch, same clothes, same neighborhood, same food for years. I didn’t take care of myself and didn’t allow my family and particularly children for a change. I was the one who caused that monotony. Of course none of these is a reason for my husband to turn to other women but I think I played a part.

He used to say things like “change your hair color” or “let’s buy you some new clothes”, “you look tired, put a little make up on”, “let’s take the boys to my parents and go to Ağva for the weekend ( a local tourist attraction in a district of  İstanbul)”... I remembered him saying many things like that and me coming up with a different excuse each time. When you stop taking care of yourself, you start going round in circles. I repeated myself all the time and I made up excuses like “difficulties of being a working woman”.

Two months ago, on my 52nd birthday, I made new decisions. I wanted to make the first change on myself. If I treasure myself, I will be more beneficial for the people around me. As a habit or because of long years together, I love my husband. During all this chaos, I decided to take care of myself. I started exercising, I met new people. I dyed my hair red, as my husband wish. I wanted to spare some of my pension for more radical precautions in my life. Mr. Bülent said that I had a form loss on my face, a double chin and my cheekbones were not visible. He showed me how my face was going to look like and gave me details about fat transplant and the Spider Web Method.

I watched and read everything on this subject. It is not easy to jump to these big decisions. And I finally made my decision.  In a couple days, some applications were performed on my face under general anesthesia. Since I was middle aged, Mr. Bülent told me that the best way was fat injection with the Spider Web Method and I trusted him. I went to the surgery in a good mood and I woke up with a great comeback. Now, I welcome a new life.

I met a friend whom I hadn’t seen since high school. After high school, we all have gone different places. I preferred getting married. He was a good, wealthy guy who was working as a public officer. I didn’t work, I raised two children and now they are grownups.

It had been more than twenty years since I hadn’t seen my friend. I knew he was happily married and had two kids. Before the meeting, I had my hair done, I put a little make up and I went to the meeting place with old photographs in my bag. He was waiting for me on the table, he welcomed me with his gentle and smooth voice and we hugged.

Another friend of mine was almost the same, she didn’t change much. Her face, hands, skin were fresh, smooth like on the photographs and she looked happy. I started feeling strangely envious and self-hatred. We had been friends since high school but the time stopped for her as it passed very fast for me. She had always taken care of herself; she always had hand cream in her bag. When I asked her how she had managed to stay so young, she told me about the benefits of aesthetic surgery. She talked about the applications she had for her face, her diet and exercise. At that moment I thought “you’re a miracle of aesthetic surgery” and I felt relieved. She was getting aesthetic surgeries; otherwise it wasn’t possible to stay this young. I felt relieved with a little envy, cynicism and I started looking down on her. I hadn’t had anything done and I could look younger if I had. But I was against aesthetic surgery!

When I got home, I took my clothes off and looked into the mirror. After two kids, I had stretch marks on my belly, my breasts were droopy, I had deformed butts and I was looking at myself with a stiff facial expression. The pride of being against to aesthetic surgery was long gone.

Then, I found out that there were other feelings behind the statement “I am against aesthetic surgery”. I noticed that I was comparing myself with celebrities around my age and trying to comfort myself by thinking that they were getting aesthetic surgeries. Aesthetic operations weren’t only for celebrities or people in the limelight, my friend had stopped the time. I needed to stop consoling myself, it was useless. My children are going to get married, have grandchildren, I am going to love and take care of them and then am I going to wait for my death with new wrinkles on my face? The life was done, the youth was gone. At that moment, I started thinking about the past 20 years and wanted to change. That face, that body was mine. I had so many things to do and I needed a face and body that will go well with the energy inside me. I called her and asked her to help me.

I had the Spider Web Facial Aesthetic and fat transplant on my face. Of course I am not a teen anymore but the lines on my face have reduced and my skin is tighter. My eyes started looking better. My tired and lifeless face had gone and a fresh, happy and peaceful smile came. I feel like my husband is looking at me as he used to and we have a more intimate relationship. Moreover, I was looking at the mirror in a different way. In the future, I want to do some changes on my body as well and I want to stop aging during my mid-forties. My only regret now is that I didn’t act with this consciousness before. I wish my attitude towards aesthetic surgery had changed before and I had erased the lines of the past.

One morning, I woke up and I smiled at the beautiful spring sun. I had just had the best dream; I had a tummy tuck surgery that I had been wanting for years and I was looking at my reflection on the mirror. I continued to give myself to that beautiful dream. I could faintly hear my children’s and husband’s voices. I thought maybe they have got up early as usual and my husband is preparing breakfast. My younger daughter is always on her high chair and my other daughter screams for pancakes. In order to save my husband from this dilemma, I thought that I had to take an action. While trying to push the blanket with my feet, I felt a slight pain on my belly. When I touched my belly, I noticed that I was wide awake, it was real and I started crying.

My husband opened the door with an excitement and hugged me. I couldn’t believe that it was real; I really had a tummy tuck. I tried to tell my husband in tears and explained him how I mixed up my dream with reality. My husband wiped my tears away, lifts me up and took me to the bathroom. We looked on the mirror together, he said “okay darling, everything’s fine, today is the fifth day and you’re all right!

I sat to the breakfast table and my daughter hugged me and said “you look really hot mom”. I thought, “This the best day of my life”. Our eyes locked with my husband and I felt like I was born again.

My story isn’t very interesting actually. Boy and girl meet in university, they get married and have two kids. Woman gains weight every winter, diets and loses weight every summer, she doesn’t like working out but likes food, however she cares about her body. It was always like this since my childhood. I started gaining weight during adolescence and it peaked after the first pregnancy. I became huge and I went into delivery. Naturally, stretch marks started to appear on my belly. After giving birth, I started a strict diet and after 3 years, I got pregnant once again. I gained a lot of weight and lost them again with great ambition. In addition to my stretch marks, this time I had a droopy belly in front of me that I couldn’t build up with exercise. My belly looked like a deflated nylon bag. I got so obsessed that I did all kinds of sports, used all kinds of devices and machines. Nothing worked and I started considering tummy tuck.

I had found Doctor B with a close friend’s suggestion. We had come to the pre-interview with my husband, you congratulated my husband and appreciated him for supporting me. When I think about it again, men don’t like the idea of aesthetic surgery, neither for themselves nor for their wives. Women are constantly growing family as a reproductive machine, giving men a beautiful life, but men don’t care about their wives’ deformations. Either he loses his interest or turns to other women. When we look at the issue from the women’s eyes, they want to make love in the dark, they start making excuses like tiredness or headache. Actually, the main reason is that sometimes women start to feel ashamed of their body. It would be a lot more different if men could understand this.

Yes, you were right, I was a lucky woman. I have a husband who supported me for this surgery idea and encouraged and helped me despite our small children.

I had this dream 15 days ago, on the fifth day of my surgery. I don’t know why, but I couldn’t get over it. At that point, reality and dream got mixed up. While the sun was shining into my room, I thought that it was a dream. I found myself living my dream. I started crying in my bed because I was scared that it would turn out to be a dream again and I would see my droopy belly.

Just like I said, I have a simple story that any woman can have. My only advice to patients is not to ignore their lives, bodies and beauty. Believe me, your dream body is not impossible, just make your decision and go for it.

When I think about the past, I tell myself that we were not like it  26 years ago. My husband was crazy about me. He used to want to see me everyday, came to my door, waited under my window. Then marriage, children and the time passed. We struggled together, but when our children were born, I was estranged from business life. He devoted himself to his career and I devoted myself to my kids.

Everything was good until the last three years. My husband started working as a director in a company and I couldn’t see him because of meetings and business travels. He was coming home late and tired and leaving home early in the morning. One of the kids had recently finished the university, other is studying for the exams and while I was dealing with their problems, my husband was distancing himself away from me.

Sometimes we had arguments, but he started using the words “divorce” and “leaving” for the last three years. I was baffled, actually.  One day, I wanted to go to his workplace, we weren’t very happy about this.  Of course I was suspicious. I visited him on his lunch break. His work place was a corporate where many friendly people were working and my husband had a respectable position.

I went back home and I tried to visualize his colleagues and personnel. I thought for a second and I looked myself in the mirror. The old I was gone. My red cheeks were drooping; my thin body became fat and old. I didn’t know the ages of the women around my husband, but they were definitely very well-groomed and young. I was thinking about my husband too. He had that beer belly. He had lost his hair, I thought that he had become worse looking than me and I comforted myself. I got caught up with kids, housework and friends again. I comforted myself by thinking that my husband’s female colleagues wouldn’t like him.

When my husband came home late one night, he was carrying a sports bag; obviously he started going to gym. Firstly, I was very happy. My husband had never done sports, he only was watching television. I wanted to join him but he said, “It is near my workplace and I go after work.” His work place was far from home. He was right, I couldn’t. But I didn’t want to go alone, besides there are other gyms in our neighborhood.

Then he started to consider hair transplantation. Of course, he started with hair care. When my husband first met me, he used to put lemon juice on his hair but since then, he doesn’t take care of himself except combing his hair.  My husband, who normally doesn’t use perfume, started buying some. I was well aware that something had changed. But I wasn’t the one who changed. He was.  He started taking care of himself. At first, I thought that it was a normal phase. He had colleagues, a new position and he had to take care of himself. To be honest, I was a little bit suspicious. I wasn’t like any other women, I liked taking precautions. I would not leave anything to the last minute. However, this time it wasn’t like that.

My husband started being at meetings and business dinners all the time. We didn’t have a proper husband wife relationship. I was an outgoing, confident woman but I withdrew into myself. I started watching, checking out all middle aged women. We started arguing with my husband. I was against his hair transplantation. But eventually, I saw him did it.

He told me, “You’re so uncared and you look like an old lady; if you continue like this, you’ll become like a grandmother”... And the other day, I started researching. I wasn’t a type to give up easily. I had seen Bülent Cihantimur on a morning program. I made an appointment and went to him. I told him about all my problems. I only said him, “Mr. Bülent, make me younger and help me to make my husband crazy about me”.  I gave everything up to him. The first operation was facelift; a special method named Spider Web was used. The second was liposculpture and the third was breast augmentation and the fourth was laser, facial care...

I told my husband that I had gone to my mother’s for holiday. I met him after two weeks. He rang the doorbell; my son opened the door while I was sitting in the living room. He came in, passed me by, went into the bedroom and then came back and said “What have you done?” We had a huge fight. He said that he was upset about what I’ve done, then I went to the bedroom and I texted Mr. Bülent to let him know about the issue.  The message he sent me was, “Just wait”.

It was night. He came into the bedroom and looked at me carefully. Then he said, “Come, let’s drink some wine”. We went to the balcony and filled our glasses with wines, which hadn’t been touched for three years. After I was fully recovered, we went to holiday. Now my husband invites me to almost all of his business dinners. Meeting Mr. Bülent was a breakthrough for my life. Now I am back in my 20’s. Maybe physically or spiritually I don’t know, but I started living again.

I first contacted dr. B through Instagram. He than delegated me to his team. At first i had many doubts about my precedure, so i asked a lot of questions. All my answeres where answered and i decided to go through with it. We arrived at the clinic and was taken care of immidiatly. I have never seen a clinic and a team like this who takes care and appriciates their patients. We got to talk with dr.B. He used his time on us and wasnt in a rush, and not to mention his straff. They were so good and professional. I wasnt scared and felt really comfortable before my procedure. The results i got was amazing. I was already in love with the results the moment after. I’m glad i chose doctor B. And I’ll probably come back if i want to do anything in the future.

I contacted dr.B some of my friend recommending me to him, I was scared and nervous at first but dr.B and his team was so attentive professional and very good at giving me advice I’m so glad I went to dr.B I’m so happy and pleased with my results that I’ll be going back for more, the nurses where amazing to and the after care was always there to answer any request even you do not ask for it. This is something different over the TOP VIP service.

I am very satisfied with the work of Dr.B. He knows exactly what he is doing. The clinic is very clean and modern. All staff are very friendly and helpful. We have been well looked after by Jenya and Sabrina all the time. A big thank you to both and a big thank you to Doctor B Teamfor the whole process.

I am so, so happy with the results of my procedure. My quality of life and confidence in myself have been greatly improved. The facility is so lovely and state of the art. I am very grateful for the kind, intelligent, and responsive staff. I immediately felt comfortable there. Everyone was super nice and super professional. They kept in close touch after the procedure and that has been so appreciated. I highly recommend this doctor and this facility.

Doctor Bülent Cihantimur has a wonderful talent. He is so professional and does the best plastic surgeries. He did body reshaping to me and transferred fat into my buttocks. I got the best result I could ever expected. Now my body looks perfect. I always had complex for my arms. He fix it with plazma. Now i can enjoy perfect body because of Doctor B. After surgery stuff Take care about you like family. Clinic is beautiful. It was the best decision to chose doctor Bülent. I will say Thank you Doctor B for all my life. Best recommendations for those who wanna have best plastic surgery with best doctor.

As if there is a magic wand and everything is going to be okay when Doctor B touches it. Thank you for getting me gain self-confidence and providing great change in Turkey.

Here is perfect! The team is amazing! When was the last time that make your pillow? Before anything else, natural change that I experienced, catching radiant admiring glances make me feel reborn. Every day I say that I preferred Doctor B fortunately!

I have spider web aesthetics. Yes, it does not hurt, you can get back to your work after “yes” operation. I have returned to have my 30-aged face expression. If you believe it, rejuvenation on my face made my dress and color choices. I am so happy!

Actually, I went to the clinical to get information for another operation but he examined the problems on my face and presented a total solution. He never touched me and make only intervention about areas on my face that should be brought into the forefront. It was a great experience, fortunately I preferred him

I have lost my hair since 19. I realized that I waited for nothing and my 20 years without hair was wasted. The master and guru for this problem in Turkey is Doctor B. I very happy and peaceful. I particularly recommend this clinic, Organic Hair Transplantation and Doctor B.

Change adventure starts at the airport and when you take out to go home, you remember that each moments of your life are very wonderful once again. I have breasts beautification surgery. I wish I remembered Doctor B earlier. I wish I decided earlier. Right clinic and doctor make your dreams come true.

I made researches for a long time and tried to make a decision for a long time. Doctor B and his team have scientific and helpful approaches from A to Z. I have nose plastic surgery. Doctor B is one and only person who says that a woman and man must not have a same nose. I now have a masculine nose but extremely aesthetical nose. My dreams come true.

Very clean, elegant, Professional, fast, understanding, helpful and luxurious…words are the criteria I can tell for Doctor B Clinic. I have visited this clinic second time and I was satisfied with the service they provide. So glad I have them!

The only address I trust is this clinic for years. The team is the best at their work and approaches you like you are a queen. Doctor B tells you what needs to be done in 3 minutes. They give trust and they always give good results. They are the best at filling Botox!

I had breast-boosting operating 4 times before applying to Doctor B. Each operation made me worse. Asymmetry in my breasts and incisions marks depressed me completely. Doctor B made Breast Beautification. Even the name of operation is perfect. I directed my 4 friends to them for revision surgery. I can say that they really saved me. Thank you for everything.

I found Doctor B while making research about vagina aesthetics. He is the only surgeon who won reward about this subject. I was hosted like a princess and my operation was great. I can say that I am reborn. Awarded-aesthetic “Genital Beautification” is really privilege.

I have operations in different clinics for years. I have never faced with a team worked professionally as much as this team. They are unbelievable! I also recommend rejuvenation treatment to my friends. I saw no one who is not satisfied.

I have 3 nose aesthetics operation and I could not have breathed for 10 years. Each surgeon impaired my nose, my under eyes bags become purple and I was out of mind. The worse is that no aesthetical surgeon wants to operate me. I would first to thank Doctor B to make me relaxed and bring me back to life. Revision is number one in nose aesthetic!

My upper body is 38-size, lower part is 42-size. I could not wear dress. I always take my all clothes to the tailor and make their sizes changed. I am getting sad when I now rethink my problems that I experienced. I can say that Doctor B and his good-humored team recreated my legs. I pay my respects and express my sincere thanks to them.

Doctor B Clinic located near the most luxurious mall of Turkey has a perfect location. Go shopping, eat your food, drink your coffee and then go upstairs for care and finish your job and go back home. It is a golden opportunity for Istanbul.

I read columns of Doctor B while making researches about fat transfer. I researched the technique developed by him and communicated the patient operated by this technique. I applied to him brazil buttocks. He did great job. I will now go for stem cell. He does good jobs.

I think that he is the one and only surgeon who says size of breast is not important but vitality. And he made upright and live breasts that fit my figure. I’ve been great!

I had a sleeve gastrectomy 2 years ago and got the ideal weight. But my body has an extreme sagging. I can say that Doctor B has retouched my whole body. My arms, my legs, my breasts, and my tummy were straightened down. I am so happy!

He has got a magic hands! I had a surgical body reshaping. He is the best

After taking a quick weight and giving it, I experienced some loss of form especially in my breasts. After my pregnancy, my body looked very bad when I put on the cracks in the abdominal region. Dr. Cihantimur made for 3.5 hours, operation with his magic hands. I feel like I'm reborn right now with my body.

First I would strongly thanks DR B his a real artist very professional and so kind friendly human I really can't fond the right word to describe him just many thanks and all his team specially his assistant she's amazing kind helpful flexible any time you need her very pretty by both sides I did BBL and fat transfer with a dream result straightaway after surgery the nurse stayed with me all night helping me take care of me and Dr B come to see me and do a check in the morning You feel that you are the only one in the clinic every one cares about you 1000000 thanks again Dr B to make my dream true

I came from France for Total Body Reshaping. Everything was perfect. The crew is really professional. Now ı gotta wonderful body!

I had implants on my breasts since 2008. Doctor B had both the implants renewed and a little fat injection. I am very pleased now. Thank you for breast beautification

I could not enter the Body ReShaping operation because of fear of anesthesia for years. I was constantly following Doctor B's instagram account. Finally I gathered up the operation. Anesthesia team, nurses, Dr. Bülent are all angels. I am so pleased with the result. I recommend everyone.

If you would like a fairytale and to be beautiful immediately, Doctor B and his team is the right choice. I am now in the clouds.