Choose your surgeon well, inspect the clinic, check the experience Cosmetic surgery is a serious business, it requires professionalism, don’t leave it to chance. This year summer came suddenly. I started hearing the same questions from everyone at the same time: “Can I get cosmetic surgery during summer?” “Of course, you can!” However, there are
I am a plastic surgeon; my job is to preserve this beauty Aging is a physiological and on-going process. However, we instinctively try to defy aging, to look good and to be the best of our age as long as we live. According to a recent study, we first focus on whether the people we


The main problem of my patients is … If you are living in a modern society, the first subject taught in elementary school is “the sense of respect for those around you”. Don’t violate others’ rights, respect their personal freedom and know your limits. This matter can extend to the philosophy “treat people the way
Here is a guide to picking and selecting bras for your new breasts. My patients are looking forward to go shopping with new bras after breast augmentation. Because now you need to remove your old bras from your closet. However, there are some things to consider when taking a bra after breast augmentation surgery. Here


Beauty tips  for free and accessible for everyone to try It is possible to make everything more fun, better and perfect. The same is true for our appearance. Every month, apply detailed medical aesthetic procedures, you regularly put your cream on the in the morning, even if you forget to drink water every day, you will not get
Follow the instructions carefully after your surgery Aesthetic surgery is exciting for most patients, and perhaps it is a turning point ”because almost everyone’s aim is to boost self-esteem, freshen confidence. Naturally, many patients want to accelerate the healing process and want to enjoy these changes as soon as possible and return to their daily


Doctor B Team is an experienced and specially trained, qualified team. Aesthetic surgery and non-surgical medical treatments are one of the most popular branches in recent years. Your patient, standing with her-his body and dreams, also await your psychological support. In fact, aesthetic surgery in the true sense, a body that addresses both the body


B Academy is an educational institution Education is the primary rule of success, development. And sharing knowledge is a part of education. Doctor B Academy’s first thought was born here. My main task as a doctor is to help mankind, to share my knowledge and my experience and to have others know this, in fact, to
Within the scope of Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week Ezra Tuba On the night of March 21, 2019, we hosted a great organization. It is also important for me because the photo exhibition of the bodies of my patients was also included in this beautiful organization. Ezra and Tuba, known as the sisters who brought fashion
The programme ‘‘Is This Me?’’, which promises to offer new life TLC construction is Turkey’s first domestic channel. “Is This Me?” is a programme is set to become a phenomenon, with the operations performed by B-Bulent Cihantimur. The programme ‘‘Is This Me?’’, which promises to offer new life to individuals who are victims of aesthetics, is also