B Academy is an educational institution

Education is the primary rule of success, development. And sharing knowledge is a part of education. Doctor B Academy’s first thought was born here. My main task as a doctor is to help mankind, to share my knowledge and my experience and to have others know this, in fact, to serve as a kind of service to humanity. Well they say, ”Knowledge is good as it is shared” , yes, so true. The information should be shared, for a much better future, especially in the field of aesthetic surgery,  it can be improved.

Estetik International Health Group, more than 20 physicians, close to 50 estheticians and different branches, I have a team of colleagues working. This large institution is actually a kind of educational institution. We are an organization that gives continuous education and gives improvement in itself. My fellow teammates who have devoted themselves to the profession, like me, have gathered under the umbrella of the B Academy and have decided to provide an educational service. Our goal is simple: Share information and knowledge

B Academy is an educational institution that brings together the best educators in the field of medicine, medical treatments and developing medical education, not only in our country but also around the world. Here, both theoretical and practical experiences accumulated during the years are transferred. We can call it a meeting point of qualified and quality education content in the sector.

Universal development can be achieved by transferring knowledge and skills. As an academy that provides training at home and abroad to answer all kinds of education, we bring together scientific methods of professional professionals on the academy by conducting seminars, lectures, workshops and practical symposiums. In addition, we ensure that more people are able to print, publish, print in different languages at home and abroad. The B Academy, where international certificates and participation certificates are given, also cooperates with different courses and academies.
While our professional trainers offer special training opportunities in different specialties, we provide special opportunities for competency-requiring specialties. Of course, we guide them with high quality, cost-effective trainings and different programs, helping participants with high ethical standards, artistic ideals, commitment to humanitarian service and the desire to improve the quality of human life.

I also offer courses at the B Academy and I share my experience. Visit the B Academy website for more information.

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