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Total Total Body Reshaping is an application designed to gain pleasing aesthetic appearance for individuals with regional fat problems and to achieve natural curves and contours. It is a combination of techniques such as Liposculpture and the Cihantimur Fat Transfer... view more...

Brazilian Butt Lift, technically known as a gluteoplasty (a BBL) is a procedure designed to augment or modify the appearance of the buttocks, The procedure is an incredibly safe and straightforward way of adding volume and curve to a flat, unshapely or... view more...

Even though the arm beautification surgeries are commonly preferred, it is among the surgeries which patients change their minds before the operation due to the scar problems. Developed by Doctor B, no-scar Arm Beautification application provides a firm look at the... view more...

Breasts are a beautiful thing, but with age, they begin to sag, female breasts are made of fat and ligaments, but lack muscle tissue, so there is no amount or type of exercise that will strengthen the breasts. Every woman wants to have perfectly shaped breasts that remain... view more...

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a surgical procedure to increase the size of woman's breasts by placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles, which can also be combined with fat transfer for breasts which did not develop to the desired size... view more...

Aesthetic, proportional legs are among the most important elements of beauty. Harmony or disharmony between the upper and lower leg is visible through tight clothes like leggings, trousers as well as the clothes that expose the legs. Summer clothes and beachwear.. view more...

The most common aesthetic problem of the vaginal area is oversized and drooping inner labia and this problem can be solved with the Labiaplasty application. Inner labia has a folding structure that starts as a fine line from the clitoris, expands and becomes... view more...

The vagina is a private, unique and a very special part of the body where the menstrual cycle, birth, sexuality and urinary systems cohabitate. İt is very difficult and most embarrassing for many women to discuss their vaginal health issues, as it has been to some extent a... view more...


Tummy tuck surgery is for both men and women whose bodies have undergone dramatic changes from fluctuations in weight, pregnancy, loss of skin elasticity, effects of aging and gravity all contribute to loss of tone in the abdomen. These problems can be seen in any part of the body, espe… view more...


The face and body may start aging earlier than expected because of various reasons. Deficiencies begin in the subcutaneous fat tissue, bone and muscle structure. In addition to all this process, diseases, unhealthy diet and smoking can also cause different... view more...


Liposculpture is a surgical procedure to remove unwanted fat cells, liposculpture is not intended to act as a weight loss solution, its intention is to remove whole fat cells from problem areas and transfer back to desired areas to contour your physique… view more...

In surgeries, anesthesia is one of the most important areas of concern and people need to be very informed about. Doctor B’s primary goal is a safe and comfortable operation for his patients and a quick recovery period with minimal or no pain and considers anesthesia as important


Gynecomastia is a common condition, which causes excess development, enlargement or swelling of breast tissue in males, it can cause pain and embarrassment. Doctor B uses advanced new  techniques to treat this potentially embarrassing condition... view more...


Penis enlargement is a surgical intervention that aims to improve the organ's functionality or aesthetic appearance. To date, countless surveys have been conducted about the size of the penis, and the majority of women replied that the size of the penis is not very important… view more...


We are able to extract stem cells from our fat which will continuously have regeneration capacity, long life span and the ability to transform into multiple cell lines. Fat tissue contains different types of collagen, different growth factors such as (FGF), (TGF-β (PDGF)... view more...