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General Information About Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a surgical procedure to increase the size of woman's breasts by placing breast implants under breast tissue or chest muscles, which can also be combined with fat transfer for breasts which did not develop to the desired size or they may have lost volume due to pregnancy, weight loss, or aging. For these women, breast augmentation may provide a more flattering, better proportioned figure, expanded clothing options, and feelings of greater confidence and self-esteem.


• Natural look
• Faster healing
• Minimal pain

What is Breast Augmentation?

Breast Augmentation is preferred by most women and it is one of the most common aesthetic surgeries. Applied for breasts, which are smaller than normal due to genetic factors or have lost their fullness due to excessive and sudden weight loss or pregnancy. During the same operation, the inequalities between the breasts can be corrected as well.

After getting Breast Augmentation surgery, feelings of greater confidence and self-esteem return, many women say that they are happier and more confident with their new appearance.

Albeit results differ from person to person, in general a successful augmentation will give you fuller breasts that are in better proportion with your overall body size and physique. The procedure may also lead to reduced sagginess and increased firmness of the breasts. Your surgeon will discuss the results that you can personally expect with you at your initial consultation.

Since modern materials are compatible with body, many worldwide studies have shown that there appears to be no increased illness or systemic diseases caused by saline or gel implants. Possible local complications from implants and surgery can occur and will be discussed by the surgeon.

Is Breast Augmentation suitable for me?

The decision to go ahead with an aesthetic procedure is a very personal one. The first step is a consultation with one of the qualified plastic surgeons. Whatever your reasons you should frankly discuss your personal goals and expectations with respect to the outcome of the procedure (both physical and emotional) with your surgeon. As with any aesthetic surgery you should always keep in mind that the desired result is improvement, not perfection.

You may wish to have an augmentation mammaplasty if you feel your breasts are smaller than normal or out of proportion to your body size. Augmentation mammaplasty is also useful if your breasts are unequal in size or if they have decreased in size following pregnancy.

Most women think that they shouldn’t get breast surgeries before having a baby and asks the question, Will I still be able to breastfeed following a Breast Augmentation? Answer is yes, there is no evidence to suggest that breast augmentation interferes with breastfeeding.

Examination and consultation 

During Breast Augmentation consultation, Doctor B plans the operation in collaboration with the patient. Breasts and nipples are examined. Doctor B questions your expectations about the size and decides whether it is possible to obtain the desired results. During the examination, method and incision area is discussed and planned. Doctor B will answer your questions and will discuss side effects and any potential complications directly with the patient at the initial consultation. After your measurements, your photographs will be taken for medical archive

Breast Augmentation surgery. 

Breast Augmentation operations are performed under general anesthesia. Doctor B often uses a dual plane technique in breast augmentation surgeries. Dual plane technique is applied by placing the silicone implant under the muscle tissue. With this method, patients feel less pain, have minimal scars and get the most natural look. It is impossible to have no scars with Breast Augmentation surgeries, but the location and size of the scars is important and one of the most popular questions among the patients is the size of the scar. The advanced surgical techniques applied by Doctor B are designed to minimise (and where possible eliminate) all visible scarring. While some scarring is involved with breast augmentation, the scars are usually just a few centimetres long and are located in such a way as to become barely noticeable as they fade with time.

Doctor B advises and recommends to his patients to go for a natural appearance, pleasing shape and to avoid a surreal size.

 After Breast Augmentation

Depending on the extent of the procedure, breast augmentation surgery may last anywhere from 1 1/2 to 3 hours. The area gets a dressing and bandage after the operation. An elastic wrap may be used on the upper part of the breast to keep the implant low in the pocket or to maintain the orientation of a contoured anatomic implant until healing is completed and special bra’s used to prevent swelling and support the breasts. A drain is placed under the bandage this is a plastic drain that’s inserted in your chest to drain the fluid from your surgery and removed after the control. This operation does not normally involve a stay overnight though in some cases you may need to, depending on their general health and surgeons advice. After Breast Augmentation, the final shape and location of the breasts appear in a couple of months.

Breast augmentation is not a one time intervention. Women with implants can expect to need additional surgery over the years for problems such as shifting of the implant, leakage, and hardening scar around the implant. Doctor B recommends and plans with all his patients their postoperative check-ups in the years to follow to prevent and diagnose potential health problems early.