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General Information About Stem Cell Injection

The face and body may start aging earlier than expected because of various reasons. Deficiencies begin in the subcutaneous fat tissue, bone and muscle structure. In addition to all this process, diseases, unhealthy diet and smoking can also cause different damages.These damages are observed especially on the face area, added to all the above hair thinning and hair loss problems occur due to external effects.

There are specific cells in the human body called adult stem cells, these exists in every tissue in the body and provides fast intervention when needed,  these cells are vital and aid renewal to fight aging. These stem cells start showing less performance as we age. Stem Cell Injection is a very beneficial treatment that reverses the signs of aging and renews the body in a very short period. The process is performed with the stem cells derived from the individuals own regional fat cells.


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“Not only the Stem Cell Injection recedes aging but also reverses in some cases” Doctor B

What is Stem Cell Injection?

Stem Cell Injection is an anti aging treatment in which the mature stem cells derived from the patient’s own body are used to treat the damaged tissues.

Purged from fat cells, stem cells are injected into planned areas to repair, increase blood flow as well as strengthening the existing structure and preventing the signs of aging. The capacity of the mature stem cells in our body to repair damage tissues decreases in time and it may slow down due to the external effects. Stem Cell Injection allows to revive the descending and slowing down the system in the body by injecting the unique qualities of stem cells into the body again.

If we consider aging as a slowdown and the interdependent evolving scenario in the whole body, stem cell injection initiates a process of total renewal. With stem cell injection treatment, patient’s own stem cells are used and injected into desired areas and below are justa few of the benefits;

  • Allows a better blood flow and the growth of new blood vessels.
  • These cells also help to heal the cells and provide an anti-inflammatory effect.
  • It repairs damaged tissues and allows new healthy tissues to be formed.
  • Prevents the premature death of cells
  • Allows the skin to rapidly become fresh and the existing scars to be repaired.
  • Prevents the muscle, fat and bone tissue and strengthens the whole system.
  • It helps the body to repair itself.

“You can consider the mature stem cells as tiny doctors who heal, help and repair our body” Doctor B

Who is a good candidate for Stem Cell Injection?

Anyone who wants to reverse and slow down the aging process,

Examination and Consultation 

Consultation begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Your face is measured, problems and deformation on your face is examined, Doctor B will explain the importance of stem cells and effect on our body and other possible treatments are decided. During your consultation Doctor B answers all your questions, and listens and understands your expectations and makes the planning based on your desires. After your measurement and evaluation, your photographs are taken for medical archive.

During Stem Cell Injection

The operation begins after applying the preferred anesthesia type. Stem cells derived from the patient's autologous fat cells. Autologous fat cells are removed from the planned harvest area with mini liposuction method and it is centrifuged to separate from fat with The Cihantimur Fat Transfer method and it is then injected into the planned areas. The process takes approximately 2 hours.

After Stem Cell Injection

After Stem Cell Injection, treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure and patients can go home after the procedure and can return to their usual routine