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General Information About Fat Juice

We are able to extract stem cells from our fat which will continuously have regeneration capacity, long life span and the ability to transform into multiple cell lines. Fat tissue contains different types of collagen, different growth factors such as (FGF), (TGF-β (PDGF), and adipose mesenchymal stem cells and the easiest and most effective way to obtain is with The fat harvest by liposuction and obtained by enzymatic destruction of SVF.

AMSCs have a miraculous code that can turn into fat, bone, cartilage, muscle and nerve tissues. Stem cells increase wound healing in the area or micro-environment where they are transfered to stimulate new tissue formation and growth and also contribute to the removal of necrotic tissues and dead cells.30% of SVF, which is a heterogeneous cocktail enriched with stem cells, and AMSC.

The main purpose of fat transfer is the transfer of AMSCs which has the potential to differentiate and trigger new vessel formation at the field of application, but different parts of our body need different fat consistency and different fat viscosity and this is the main porpose of Fat Juice.

Fat Juice and Fat Grafts

At this day and age many different studies are being conducted for fat grafts. Fat grafts are now separated into macrofats, microfats, nanofats, and now we have reached the next level with the nanofat grafts, Fat juice, as well as the essence of fat.

Autologous fat grafting was first performed in the early twentieth century, followed by standardization of fat, vaccination techniques and lipofilling. After the discovery of adipose derived stem cells, research and applications of mesenchymal stem cells began. Nowadays, stem cell therapies continue at full speed, Fat Juice and NanoFat are now in the next phase.

Macrofat… Mikrofat… Nanofat… Fat Juice

Macro fats are large volumes of fat, which means larger fat particles. Its main purpose is to provide volume.

Micro fats are smaller fat particles that aim to prevent lumps under the skin after the transfer process.

Nano fat is liquidized fat. This type of fat is used to improve skin texture and tone, not to provide volume.

All of these are different names of the techniques of harvesting fat from one part of the body and transfering it into another part where it is needed after purifying the fat according to the fat viscosity.

Stem cells that form the basis of Fat Juice can be found in different sources in our body. The most known and oldest one of these is bone marrow. However, with recent studies, we now know that adipose tissue contains 1000 times more stem cell density than that obtained from bone marrow. Moreover, we can achieve this without the need for extra cell culture.

What is Fat Juice?

Fat Juice adipose tissue obtained from fat is practically decomposed mechanically at 600 micron in clinical environment. It provides the most effective content with 10 times less adipose tissue to achieve a constructive cell dose. Because it provides ease of preparation with a cost effective, practical and has many advantages. The difference between microfat, nanofat and Fat Juice is the size, viscosity and, ofcourse, the refined components in the grafts and components.

Fat Juice produces 600 micron homogenized adipose tissue and is used for P-Shot for penis and Q-Shot for vagina, especially in regenerative medicine with a special injection needle.

Regenerative areas of Fat Juice

• All kinds of regenerative applications
• Lipodystrophy with fat injection
• Reconstruction surgery after mastectomy
• In chronic wound treatment
• Reconstruction of craniofacial deformities
• In collagen tissue diseases (SLE, RA)
• Neurodegenerative diseases (MS)
• Combined with functional tissue production in bioreactors
• Anti-aging applications

Q-Shot and Fat Juice

Q-Shot, also known as G-shot, is a practice that leads to stronger sexual activity, rejuvenation of the area and enhance the quality of orgasm in women.

Women's sexual health and vaginal rejuvenation practices are taking a different dimension with the advancement of regenerative medicine. As women get older, they may experience some physical discomfort in their genital area. The general effects of birth, aging, or menopause may cause vaginal dryness, itching or irritation. All vaginal disorders also affect sexuality and make it difficult to enjoy the sexual activities. In addition to the natural processes we have mentioned, stress and current life problems can trigger problems related to not having orgasm or intensity even at a very young age.

Q-Shot treatment prepared with Fat Juice helps to improve and repair vaginal tissue by increasing the density of the stem cells and the appropriate injection into the vaginal area, thereby increasing the quality of the orgasm. Stem cells are immature cells that have the ability to transform into other body cells to facilitate healing. These stem cells are found all over the body, but they are found in very high amounts in your own fat. With liposuction, the amount of fat taken is broken down and converted into Fat Juice with a high number of stem cells. It is then injected into the “Erogenous Zone”

“G-point” is a point in the vagina that is very sensitive to sexual stimulation. It is the “erogenous zone” on the anterior wall of the vagina along the swelling urinary tract. It is located approximately 5 cm from the vaginal opening in the anterior vaginal wall and it is averagely coin sized. When the G-point is stimulated, a secretion is released through the glands, called sal female ejaculation.

The sensitivity and viability of this erogenous zone are increased by Q-Shot with Fat Juice. The aim is to rejuvenate the area with Fat Juice during sexual intercourse and to nearly double the size of the G-spot, to achieve intense interaction. The reason we do the Q-Shot, particular with Fat Juice is that this region needs different fat consistency and different fat viscosity. Fat Juice results are faster and more effective.

P-Shot and Fat Juice

Although penis enlargement and thickening surgeries come to mind first, penis erection and premature ejaculation are among the primary problems of most men. In order to solve these problems, we prefer Fat Juice treatment rather than traditional fat grafting. Fat Juice, which is a regenerative medicine and cellular treatment and provides the opportunity to increase the vitality of the transferred adipose tissue. It is concluded that nano fat vaccination increases the blood supply and therefore improves the vascularity of the penile tissue.

Fat Juice system that we obtain using nanofat that viscosity is more smooth, refined fat and stem cells enriched, it also contains adipocytes. Injected in a thin layer, Fat Juice can also improve the sensitivity of the area, providing a cure for both hardening and premature ejaculation problems.

Injected adipose tissue is usually removed from the abdomen, thigh or hip with a small incision and collected into special kits. It is passed through automatic devices to prepare cellular cocktail. The prepared tissue is passed through manual filters to be thinned to 600 microns to become FatJuice. The advantage of this procedure is that this method makes the tissue thinner and more flexible, thus avoiding the clumping complication that is common in conventional fat grafting.

Fat Juice is then injected just below the head of the penis. Heals almost without any scars. Fat Juice P-Shot can be combined with penis enlargement surgery.