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General Information About Breast Beautification

Breasts are a beautiful thing, but with age, they begin to sag, female breasts are made of fat and ligaments, but lack muscle tissue, so there is no amount or type of exercise that will strengthen the breasts. Every woman wants to have perfectly shaped breasts that remain that way throughout her life. The physical process usually sets in when a woman reaches her 40’s, certain factors can lead to a woman developing saggy breasts at a very young age, even as young as early to mid 20’s. Breast Beautification is intended to correct saggy breasts and improve a patient’s appearance by restoring her youthful, feminine proportions, but also help bras and swimsuits fit more comfortably, attractively and help woman's self-esteem and self-confidence to return.

All of the above can be restored by a incisionless skin tightening, with The Spider Web Technique and Cihantimur Fat Transfer System. With Spider Web Technique, absorbable medical sutures are placed under the skin via very fine needles to trigger your body to start producing collagen and cell regeneration.

The cell regeneration and collagen production results with tightening, combined with the Cihantimur Fat Transfer breasts are injected with patients own stem cell enriched fat to achive the desired shape and size.


• Safe and simple
• Short recovery period
• No pain
• No scars

What is Breast Beautification?

Breast Beautification is performed by using methods developed by Doctor B. Breasts are one of the most important organs that provide an aesthetic stance. Beauty and appearance of the breast are important for a woman's sense of femininity, body image, self-esteem and self-confidence. Doctor B combines Spider Web Aesthetic and Cihantimur Fat Transfer at the breast area to restore healthy breast contours, achieve a fuller cleavage, balance asymmetries or to shape uneven breasts.

“When we examine the anatomic structure of breasts, we observe structure similar to spider web. There is no muscle tissue in this structure, other supporting tissues provide its size and shape. In time, a looseness is formed in this structure similar to spider web because of gravity. We add extra strength to these tissues with Spider Web Aestethic. This technique helps to shape the breasts. Then, if out patient wants to have larger breasts we inject the stem cell enriched fat taken from the patient’s own body into the breast area through micro openings” DoctorB 

 Is Breast Beautification right for me?

If your breasts are not too droopy, if you don’t have elasticity problems on your skin, if you don’t want to make your breast larger and if there is enough fat tissue to perform fat transfer to the breasts, Breast Beautification is right for you. It can be performed for people of all ages but it is essential for the breasts to have completed their developmental process.

Most women think that they shouldn’t get breast surgeries before having a baby and asks the question, Will I still be able to breastfeed following a Breast Augmentation? Answer is yes, there is no evidence to suggest that breast augmentation or beautification interferes with breastfeeding.

If the patient wants larger breasts, Spider Web Aestethic and combination of Cihantimur Fat Transfer and anatomical breast implants, provides synergistic benefits beyond what can be achieved by either procedure alone. Breast implants will provide shape, core volume and projection, while the transplanted fat will improve contours, softness and the overall feel of the breast.

Consultation and Examination for Breast Beautification

During Breast Beautification consultation, Doctor B plans the operation in collaboration with the patient. Breasts are examined and Doctor B questions your expectations about the size, shape and quality of the skin and decides whether it is possible to obtain the desired results. During the examination, methods are discussed and planned. Doctor B will answer patients questions and will discuss side effects and any potential complications directly with the patient at the initial consultation. After your measurements, your photographs will be taken for medical archive

Finally, don’t choose a cosmetic surgeon based on price alone. Your safety & results are too important.

“My patients mostly want natural breasts; they don’t want heart shaped breasts with incision scars. As I always say, the most important thing in breast aesthetic is a natural and firm look, not the large size. This is what Breast Beautification can achive. My gift to our patients.” DoctorB 

Application of Breast Beautification

The Breast Beautification operation begins after the preferred anesthesia type. Firstly, Doctor B will uses a surgical marker to highlight the areas you have chosen to remove fat (known as harvest sites). İt is then enriched with stem cells. Then, a number of threads are placed into the breasts, number of the threads to be placed is determined during the inital consultation. Stem cells are injected around and inside the spider web. If the patient wants larger breasts, an implant is placed under the muscle tissue, finally stem cell enriched fat injected under the fat tissue.

After Breast Beautification

Breast Beautification does not require suture or incision. Patients immediately recover and can go back to their rutine life in couple of days. This operation does not normally involve a stay overnight though in some cases you may need to, depending on your general health and surgeons advice.