I am a plastic surgeon; my job is to preserve this beauty

Aging is a physiological and on-going process. However, we instinctively try to defy aging, to look good and to be the best of our age as long as we live. According to a recent study, we first focus on whether the people we just met are trustworthy or not. The feeling of trust that we seek in the first impression brings with it factors such as cleanliness and being well-kept. I am a plastic surgeon; my job is to preserve this beauty, to ensure that first impressions are good and to help in maintaining this. Now, I present you my book that I have been working on for 3 years based on the guiding light of my occupation of preserving beauty. 

The name of the book is: “Reject Aging!” It has an uncommon stance. It discusses a desire that people have been chasing for centuries. It tells us why we want to be beautiful and why the relationship between the body and the soul should complete one another for as long as we live. It explains how plastic surgery operates within this context and how indeed it should.

Answers to questions such as when, why and how you should get help from plastic surgery are hidden amidst the pages… As I just mentioned, I consider my occupation as protecting beauty. I like defects. I exclude the “Golden Ratio” and believe that plastic surgery moves within the shadow of women, shaped by their desires and wit. 

All that can be said on aging, aesthetics and beauty are yet to be said and they will remain so and this issue is unlikely to ever be resolved. People will not want to age as long as they have breath left in their bodies. With this book, you will understand better how to protect and preserve your body and learn more about my methods. The book also contains patient experiences.

You will see how I come to be in other people’s lives. You will read about the defenseless, naked emotions of people, their efforts to turn back time and how they reach out for the aid of plastic surgery at a point of dissatisfaction. Most important of all, you will grasp what they feel. Forget about the norms of beauty imposed on you by the system; love yourself as you are but be sure to protect yourself, your body and your face against time. Let your reflection in the mirror make you happy at all times. 

So, are you ready to “Reject Aging” now? My book is ready to meet you… 

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