Doctor B Team is an experienced and specially trained, qualified team.

Aesthetic surgery and non-surgical medical treatments are one of the most popular branches in recent years. Your patient, standing with her-his body and dreams, also await your psychological support. In fact, aesthetic surgery in the true sense, a body that addresses both the body and the soul. You can talk about your patient’s aesthetic concerns during the consultation, as well as the ups and downs  that experienced in inner world. For this reason, the patient expects a service that is different from the other branches of the doctor and that is dependent on superior service understanding and is quite right to ask for it.

So far, I have always trusted my team infinitely and I really paid attention to the fact that I can understand the above-mentioned sentences and make them as valuable as my patients. Doctor B Team is an experienced and specially trained, qualified team. They try to make each patient’s surgical experience a positive activity in their lives. My patients who have undergone plastic surgery are looked after, feel the best and leave with confidence again.

Aesthetic surgical procedures change the appearance of people offer opportunities for patients to reshape their physical properties and improve their self-confidence. But it’s not just surgery. During the consultation, the awareness of the patient, the sufficiency of the facility, the contributions of the other team and many items can be added here. During the consultation, you will meet my team of dedicated patient care professionals and this team will accompany you throughout the entire process. The Patient Care Coordinator is an excellent resource for any questions you may have at every step. B Team really cares about our patient and sees you as one of our family members. In the same way, my team will always help you with whatever you want. You can be sure that you will have a privileged treatment.

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