Within the scope of Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week Ezra Tuba

On the night of March 21, 2019, we hosted a great organization. It is also important for me because the photo exhibition of the bodies of my patients was also included in this beautiful organization. Ezra and Tuba, known as the sisters who brought fashion together with technology, combined fashion with aesthetic surgery.

I always liked to be innovations, to be on the front, to produce and do different things. This was the starting point for our meeting with Ezra Tuba. Within the scope of Mercedes-Benz Istanbul Fashion Week Ezra Tuba’s AW19 19 ASHEKA AW runway show was hosted by Estetik International. In the past, beloved Nihat Odabaşı photographed with mannequins on ASHEKA clothes, which he realized with his magnificent fiction and filming in our operating theaters. Then on the night of March 21, the opening of the show started with the video of the photos taken.

Our photography exhibition, which is located on the first two floors of Estetik International, was presented to the admiring names of the community life and the art world. I think this comprehensive and creative concept was made for the first time in the world and I was proud of it.

The mannequins run to the podium in the winter garden, which we prepared specially for this show. Above all, they walked on the podium with Ezra Tuba creations, as if they were bandaged in certain body areas. The tremendous magic of the “Change” song, the combination of aesthetics and fashion, created a true masterpiece.

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