The main problem of my patients is …

If you are living in a modern society, the first subject taught in elementary school is “the sense of respect for those around you”. Don’t violate others’ rights, respect their personal freedom and know your limits. This matter can extend to the philosophy “treat people the way you want to be treated”. So, why aren’t these children are taught about respecting their own body in our modern educational institutions?

The main problem of my patients is low self-esteem. They have lived for years without taking care of their body and when they understand that their beauty is long gone, it is too late. Shortly, for me self-esteem is formed by learning to respect the body and taking good care of it at younger ages. 

The Relationship between the Beauty and Self-Esteem..

This instinct is behind all aesthetic surgeries. People who were raised with self-esteem do not hesitate to get help from aesthetic surgery when they notice a deformation or a problem with their body, regardless of their age. I have many patients from all over the world, different countries and cultures .During my conversations with them, I notice that this self-esteem of theirs is really much more than our people. They have taken good care of their body and they are applying everything that their body needs following the puberty. They have used cosmetic products according to their skin type and their country’s weather conditions. They have followed their skin care, diet and exercise routine. They don’t hesitate to get help from aesthetic surgery whenever they need because they consider this as a matter of self-esteem. They have gone through this as smooth transitions and none of the applications or operations draws attention. It looks extremely natural and aestheticall.

Turkish people become very anxious and hesitant about any aesthetic operation which they are planning to get. They hesitate because of society and they care about what people would think about them. At this point, we are trying to explain to them that respecting your own body is actually one of your duties. As long as you are happy, your kids, family and eventually this society will be happy. Protecting beauty is respecting the body and of course this will affect your life and other people in your life and also it will benefit to a more peaceful society.

Now think about this, most women around mid-forties look at their old photographs and long for their younger ages while looking at their young selves. However, each year makes us more mature and greater in terms of culture and knowledge. We grow, get more experience and become valuable individuals in our family and society. When we help these changes to occur a little bit slower and slighter, those old photographs will become nothing but sweet memories.

Appreciate the Value of Time, Protect Your Beauty..

Aesthetic surgery, new methods, non-surgical applications help you to protect your beauty. If you teach your children how to take care of their body and tell them the value of time since it goes really fast, I am sure that the next generations will become healthier with a more confident. Please protect your beauty while you are young and extend your youth with aesthetic applications. Instill the new generations that this is about self-esteem.

Emphasizing that we should respect the environment, nature and the society we live together, we should include self-esteem philosophy in our educational systems and realize that this is the only way to raise confident individuals.

Take good care of your body and soul!

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