Choose your surgeon well, inspect the clinic, check the experience

Cosmetic surgery is a serious business, it requires professionalism, don’t leave it to chance. This year summer came suddenly. I started hearing the same questions from everyone at the same time: “Can I get cosmetic surgery during summer?” “Of course, you can!” However, there are some issues you need to watch out for: Which clinic, which application, which surgeon? 

I suggest non-surgical applications such as augmentation, botox and spider web aesthetics before the summer season. In addition, expat citizens who take on their annual leaves to visit their country and of course foreign patients who come to our clinics for health tourism get both cosmetic surgeries and non-surgical applications done safely throughout the summer season.

The only thing they need to do is to protect their skin from the sun, that is all. Then again, you need to protect yourself from the sun at all times even if you don’t have anything done. If you are at a clinic the professionalism of which you trust, then you will not have left yourself to chance. These clinics will surely explain properly how you should protect your skin after the surgeries or treatments carried out especially during the summer. The primary concern of cosmetic surgery and medical treatments is the patient’s body. We have to respect the body. We might be doing more than two operations per day but nevertheless we show the same care and give the same importance to each and every one of them.

There is no difference as long as you protect the operated region during the summer which is also the case for the winter as well. You can have plastic surgery by using your annual leave of absence or transforming your summer holiday into an opportunity. In short, cosmetic applications have no season. 

Check whether the clinic you go to has a sterile and modern infrastructure along with the necessary equipment. If you prefer it just because it is cheap, consider the issue of professionalism once again. The cost of any cosmetic surgery center or an individual clinic is known. What sets the price higher should be the skill of the surgeon, his/her expertise and knowledge. The damages that will occur on your body might result in irremediable issues. That is why I insist there is no need for adventure and I underline that cosmetic surgery is a serious business.

In short, if you are planning an medical treatment or cosmetic surgery in the summer, there is no ban on anything, of course you can get them all done. Just protect yourself from the sun, that is all. Choose your surgeon well, inspect the clinic, check the experience of the applier and always let money be a secondary issue. If your level of welfare does not allow you to do so, do not lean towards the cheap or to those that you can afford. In this way, you can reach the aesthetic appearance you desire safely with no room for adventures.

Take good care of your body and soul!

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