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General Information About Organic Hair Transplantation

Hair loss can be very traumatic for some, to have the viable hair follicles implanted in higher rates, the latest techniques used is not the only essential part, it’s also affected by the compliance of the implantation area that we found a better way to improve as a result of our research. With this new and unique Organic Hair Transplantation Technique,developed by Doctor B.  Before the extraction from a patient’s donor area and implantation processes, we regenerate and fertilize the implantation area with an injection of stem cell enriched fat tissue. Regeneration of the cells in the target area before FUE transplantation with the support of stromal stem cells results in higher rate of viable thicker hair follicles.


• Fertilizes the transplantation area
• Easier implantation
• Without using any chemicals
• Supports the roots of transplantated hair
• Long living shiny and thick hair


“In this period that we speed the stem cell studies, we began our studies by considering to use the advantages of stems cells on hair transplant and now we have evolutionary results on the hair transplant applications” Doctor B

 What is Organic Hair Transplantation?

One of the most studied topics of our age is stem cells because as a result of the research, we know that the life is based on this micro system.  Doctor B uses all advantages of stem cells for the treatment of many diseases. Developed by Doctor B, Organic Hair Transplantation is a method that uses the advantages of stem cells. Stem cells are separated from the fat tissue and enriched with stem cells and transferred to another part of the patient’s body, receiving area is refreshed and rejuvenated.

Doctor B says that, “If we consider the hairless area as a field and the healthy hair follicles as seeds, we can foresee that the success can only be achieved from a fertile field and health seeds” He emphasizes that firstly we need to revitalize the field, the hairless area, baldness on the area shows the infertility of the field. At this point, stem cells help us and allows the beneficiary area to become fertile.

In ordinary hair restoration processes, the beneficiary area is dilated with a chemical solution before performing the transfer of healthy hair follicles collected from the donor area.  However, as a result of the research we have carried out, the mentioned chemical solutions have a negative effect on healthy hair follicles, either killing them or hindering the growth of healthy hair. During Organic Hair Transplantation, we inject the stem cell enriched solution obtained from the patient’s own fat tissue to the hairless area. We make the hairless area, referred to as a field, fertile and nourished and also the fat transplantation experts easily extract hair follicles from a patient’s donor area (typically back/sides of head) and transplant the hair follicles to receiving area easily due to swelling created by stem cell transfer.

 Who is a good candidate for Organic Hair Transplantation?

Anyone suffering from baldness can be a good candidate for Organic Hair Transplantation

Examination and Consultation

Consultation begins with a pre-interview with Doctor B. Regional harvest areas, required receiving areas and quality and existing fat tissues are examined. The hair follicles to be chosen as donors are examined, condition of the transplantation area is checked and the number of grafts to be transplanted is planned. Doctor will inform you about alcohol or derived medications before the operation and hair and other cosmetic products that you shouldn’t use in order to avoid any complications. Patients are reminded to cut their hair very short. During your consultation Doctor B answers all your questions, and listens and understands your expectations and makes the planning based on your desires. After your examination and evaluation, your photographs are taken for medical archive.

"We receive very positive feedbacks from our patients whom we performed Organic Hair Transplantation. Patients’ bald area is completely turned into a fertile soil. Firstly, the recovery period of donor area and recipient area is shortened. The transplanted healthy hair follicles immediately hold on to the area and continue to live on the new area. Newly grown hair are more shiny, thicker and very healthy. Moreover, an extremely natural look is obtained and thanks to the Organic Hair Transplantation method, even professional hair experts or hair dressers cannot recognise the transplant" Doctor B

During Organic Hair Transplantation

With Cihantimur Fat Transfer method, fat tissues are harvested by a closed lipokit system and it is then enriched with stem cells. After the transplantation area is sterilised, the prepared stem cell enriched fat mixture is injected. Receiving area swells, immediately reacts and starts to take in nourishment and activates the binding to the new tissue. Simultaneously, hair follicles are removed from the donor area with a micro-scale scalpel.  The healthy follicles are divided based on their types and prepared for the transplantation. Healthy hair follicles are transferred to the hairless area one by one. The transplant process is carried out in accordance with the direction of the hair growth to get the best and natural results. After Organic Hair Transplantation is completed, the donor area is covered with a bandage, which is to be removed after one day and receiving area is left uncovered.

After Organic Hair Transplantation

You can go your home right after Organic hair transplantation. You should protect the donor area and recipient area from possible traumas. You shouldn’t wear accessories that will increase the friction, such as hats. After getting the Organic Hair Transplantation, you are recommended to sleep in a sitting position and avoid contacting the area with pillow to prevent edema. Doctor B’s advice should be followed and any medications or vitamins shouldn’t be used except those prescribed.

You are invited to our clinic after the transplant to be educated about the hair washing procedures. In the following days, you are recommended to wash your hair every other day. A temporary hair loss occurs in the recipient area after the first week and then the healthy hair starts growing. The area is going to be scabbed. Patients should not touch the scabs and wait for them shed of naturally. The donor area will start healing in 3-4 days. Your new hair starts to grow approximately within three months. Final results are observed after the sixth month.