A very natural look

 Hair transplantation, in simplest terms, is the transfer of healthy hair follicles from a donor site to a balding or recipient part. Once a patient arrives in the clinic, we first examine how much hair he lacks and whether he has enough hair follicles to make up for this shortage. We have two fundamental things to work on for hair transplantation: Healthy follicles from donor part and the recipient site which suffers baldness.

Well, did you ever think why the hair on the top is lost while the same does not apply for the back of the head? What differs this part between two ears from the top? The answer is true origin of organic hair transplantation. In the wake of relevant laboratory researches, we attained certain findings. If the follicles are not nourished, and if, in addition, there is a genetic tendency towards baldness, the hair loses its ability to be nourished and to hold on. Nevertheless, the problem is often not seen on the back of head, since this site is, as you can feel with your hand, oily. Presence of an amount of fat cells beneath the skin enables nourishment of hair; thereupon, the hair can hold on and is not lost. 

In the past, this fact was overlooked. Two years ago, for this research, we established test groups. We had to nourish the hairless site. Therefore, the first thing to spring to mind was stem cell thanks to its wonderful structure. And in human body, stem cells are most abundant in the fat reservoirs of the body. We harvested some fat cells from the body of our samples, enriched it via stem cells and injected this concentrated liquid into recipient site prior to transplantation. There was no need for chemical injection which is generally used for a more comfortable process during conventional hair transplantation. We exclusively used the stem cells harvested from the patient. The principle was to “let him generate his own nutrition and aliment the follicles.” The process was accordingly named Organic Hair Transplantation. 

We get very positive feedbacks from patients who underwent organic hair transplantation. The fat cells of the patient transforms the balding site into a “fertile land.” First of all, both the donor and recipient sites recover faster. The transplanted follicles hold on immediately and keep living on their new site. The new hair is brighter, more abundant and very healthy. Besides, it has a very natural look; even the professional hair specialists cannot find out whether organic hair transplantation is applied. 

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