The fluid enriched with stem cells

The R&D work we have been carrying out for the past 2 years has put forth the most effective solution against hair loss among all other relevant studies. The fluid enriched with stem cells prepared from the fat tissue removed from the patient’s own body is the most effective recent treatment against hair loss.

Hair loss is among the most frequently faced problems in our country and around the world today. Many people who experience hair loss state that they lose their self-confidence and become unsocial and struggle to overcome this problem. The system that we discovered while working on Organic Hair Transplantation makes hair loss a thing of the past. We observed that the fluid enriched with the stem cell obtained from the fat tissue of the patient via our closed lipocid fat transfer method provides radical results. It is observed that the stem cell enriched fluid stops hair loss when applied to patients experiencing thinning of the hair, that the lost hair regrows and that the regrown hair is much healthier and stronger than before.

Hair loss may occur because of many different problems. The best option would be to first undergo a physical examination by a doctor to determine the reasons for your hair loss and then try to find medical solutions to your problem. That is why; it has been proven in our clinics that effective results based on scientific facts have been obtained thus enabling you to wage war on hair loss with your own stem cell.

The stem cell enriched fluid that has been proven to be effective against hair loss is a system that was discovered during our organic hair transplant study. No study was carried out until today to increase the efficiency of the area where hair transplant was going to be made and thereby effective results were not obtained from hair transplant process. Whereas the first target in organic hair transplant procedure is to ensure that the area of hair loss is made more efficient. Here we make use of the healing and stimulating properties of the stem cell. The fat tissue obtained from the patient’s body is enriched with stem cell and injected to the target area; with this way, chemical injection used in classical transplant procedures is excluded while revitalizing the target area. The hair that grows following organic hair transplant is observed to be quite healthy and strong. 

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