Surgical interventions that we can call post bariatric surgery

I would like to talk about an aesthetic surgery procedure that has recently shone a star: Sleeve gastrectomy operations and after aesthetic surgery. After laparoscopic surgery in which about 80% of the stomach has been removed, we can refer to the skin sagging due to weight or as a post-weight loss aesthetic surgery as I mentioned in the title. Because weight loss does not occur only with the sleeve gastrectomy operation, there are many different types of interventions, and the names of the operations change accordingly.

Aesthetic surgery is at the end of the incident. In other words, the patient loses the weight quickly and the sagging that do not like in his skin come to fruition. This is when the patient contacts us.

It is not necessary to look at these saggings just for aesthetic purposes. Because of excessive sagging, dermatological problems such as rashes, psychological problems due to unaesthetical apperance cause loss of self-confidence.

It makes great sense if we decide to make mistreatment and to be motivated by eating and drinking, taking this liberty from the hands of a morbid obese person who knows how to be happy this way, considering other risks to health. His or her quick weight loss replaces the happiness he or she can not afford with eating and drinking, but only for a while. The patient loses about 40 kilos over a period of 6 months, is at peace with the weights, but understands that she/he is not in peace with the physical appearance, because she/he is stuck with the problem of excessive sagging skin.

For this reason, we have surgical interventions that we can call aesthetic after bariatric surgery. We can do these for 7 different body regions.

Depending on the procedure it is necessary to stay between 1 day and 1 week at the hospital.

Which areas have the most problems?

I observe that every 4 out of the 5 weight loss surgery patients has a problem with excessive skin sagging. The most common areas are abdomen, arms and inside legs, chest, back, and face area.

What are the aesthetic procedures performed after weight loss?

When we think based on the regions where the saggings occurs, the following procedures can be applied:

  • Abdominal stretching, abdominoplasty
  • Back stretching
  • Breast aesthetics, mastopexy and other breast aesthetics
  • Neck or face lift
  • Leg stretching
  • Arm stretching brachioplasty

When can I be operated after I lose weight?

This is very important. After weight loss and before the bariatric plastic surgery is done, if you want to be ideal or low weight you should wait till you stay fixed for at least a few months. My advice to you is that if you have undergone weight loss surgery, such as bariatric stomach surgery, you should wait at least one year, preferably two years. Your body, sit tight, so that you can get together.

If you make it early and continue to lose weight after aesthetic surgery, you may need to go under the knife again for excess skin that is the result of additional weight loss. And there is no need for that. It would be useful to be patient.

Will there be a trace in aesthetic surgery after weight loss?

The aesthetic interventions aim is, removing the dangling skin from the body. For this reason, this process is done by cutting. With the different techniques we use during the operation, the incision marks can be made softer with the laser treatments or the injection of the stem cells that we made around the incision.

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