Transfering is from one part of the body to transfering to another part.

Is not it a dream to take fat from your thighs, from your waist, from your back, even your legs, and inject it into your breasts or butt? Fat transfer is from one part of the body to transfering to another part. Harvesting the fat by a gentle liposcupture technique and then injecting it elsewhere. It can be used all over the body, even to strengthen facial contours, fill the hollow lower eyelids, and even age-related volume lost areas. I can not go without saying that it is also used to increase breast size and improve breast shape.

So what we are, our fat cells are actually our main enemy

Since you contract your body with something that is produced by your body, we consider it a “natural” plastic surgery and therefore its popularity is extremely high. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, fat transfer increased by 72 percent in 2016.

Fat transfer looks and feels more natural than breast and buttock implants.

Less surgery does not mean cheaper

Traditional plastic surgery with implants is done by making an incision and placing the implant. In the case of fat transfer, only a small incision, almost invisible made, fat  is transferred to the area of ​​need. When you look at it, it may seem like fat transfer needs to be more affordable, but it is not, because it is an art to exactly shape these areas when the fat is removed from the patient’s body. The devices used to enrich fat from the root to the body and the technician who does it are specially trained, all at a cost. And if your aesthetic surgeon does not have an artistic point of view, I can guarantee that you will not be satisfied with the results.

Who are the ideal candidates?

Ideal candidates are those who have regional fats but are not overweight. As the recovered fats are deep inside, they should not cause any problems. If too much fat is removed, shrinkage and sagging may occur.

How much fat can you inject?

Anyone who wants more than a very modest dimensional change may need an injection session several times in order to achieve the desired result. How much fat is injected depends entirely on the patient’s overall health condition and on what size he/she wants.

Healing process

Under normal conditions, a part of the fat is naturally absorbed by the body and “effectively disappears” when it heals. But I do not transfer here many other unnecessary contents, especially the water I know to be absorbed by the body, to prevent the absorption of fat here. And since I do this by enriching the root from the cell, as soon as the fat is transferred, the cells begin to vascularize and continue their life in the field where they are transferred. Immediately after surgery, the injected area is not moved too much, and if this is the buttock area, I suggest not to sit on it for a while.

Maintenance is a must!

The “lunchtime” filling procedures that fill the lips and cheeks do not require any special care afterwards. On the other hand, fat transfer is a surgical procedure that has maintenance instructions that come with the length of healing you need to plan and are very important to achieve the desired results. For this reason you should absolutely take into account the recommendations of your doctor. In this way, fat transfer will be aging with you, it is a very beautiful and healthy application.

Take good care of your body and soul!

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