“The best aesthetic operation is not understood”

Practices that quietly find space in your body, confusing, adding beauty to your beauty with small touches … “The best aesthetic operation is not understood”, that’s why we focus on intuition, change it, change it. Thanks to these practices, your beauty secret is hidden in your body, making you aware of the change, but it does not contain, exactly what it is. So all the techniques that I have developed are the ones with the most natural approach, without incision and with a very short duration of healing. You do not have to share your beauty secret with anyone.

The aesthetic surgery, which is shaped by the desire of the human being to look younger, livelier and more beautiful, brings out the concept of “unrecognized aesthetic operation” when it is integrated with the desire of the most modern person of today’s modern man. People are now running away from synthetic, additive-filled experiences, pursuing your naïve, natural beauty, far from being exaggerated but nested with nature. Aesthetic operations are no longer luxurious and non-existent practices, and today people are becoming individuals who re-approach nature, respecting the soul and essence of everything important to the body. They regard the aesthetic operations they see as a necessity as the art of bringing back the forms that are moving away from their own bodies.

Do not take risks

The techniques that enable people to regain their most natural state, which is not understood at this point, are becoming the most preferred aesthetic applications. It is the practice of inserting large incision traces, such as a misdemeanor, into minimal, invisible, concealed or technological techniques that infiltrate the subcutaneous tissue. In this way, both the surgeon removes the patient from the risk table and the healing period of the patient is shortened. As the skin reacts to pain, redness or swelling, the final state of the application can be observed instantly after the aesthetic operation.

Functionality and beauty

The bigger, bigger breasts took their place, their form and living breasts. Tiny, shrunken, nose-faced nose, face-to-face, but most importantly, breathable noses. The definition of “for the sake of beauty” now emphasizes “beauty, design, as it should be, or the most natural” expressions, people are pursuing contemporary practices that hold functionality on the primary planet.

Underneath this unpopular aesthetic technique, which is one of the most favorite applications of recent days, it is this “unrecognized aesthetic” concept. Applications such as spider web technique, Cihantimur Fat Transfer, simple nasal aesthetics underscore the beauty of the winking without being away from the most natural form, highly effective and contemporary.

“Something happened to you but what happened!”

Therefore, before you perform an aesthetic treatment or operation, make sure to interview your surgeon in detail about the techniques to be applied. Divide your precious time into the enjoyment of life, not the healing process. The aesthetic operation performed should not be obvious at all, you may not see your change for a long time, notice your change but you can not understand what it is. It is extremely important that you hear the phrases “You are alive, happy, you look good”, “something happened to you but what happened”, everything else is detail …

Take good care of your body and soul

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