To be seen lively, energetic, strong, steady and invincible

New Approaches On Tummy Tuck Operations

Classic Tummy Tuck Operations’ Age is Over

Tummy tuck operations are surgical attempts we do to our patients who have surplus fat deposition on their abdominal area. It’s a situation that comes with ptosis problem, giving birth, hormonal instabilities, medications in use and genetic reasons.

With classic tummy tuck operations, it’s interfered with a longer cutt than caesarean line. Cutt is longer than caesarean line and it’s hidden in underwear. Over fat, dewlap and cracks on it are also removed. Loose muscle tissue in stomach is strenghtened and the cut is closed.

Until this part, what I tell is a classic tummy tuck surgery. On my operations, I always say that there are some extra points that we must be careful about and I apply them.

There are 4 important matters on tummy tucks:

The first one is belly button. After abdomen skin and fatty tissue has been removed, creating a new belly button will become a current issue. Loosen abdominals are repaired, sewed, tightened and now it’s belly button’s turn. This new belly button must be created on patient’s pelvis line and it must be designed from scratch. Harmony between hip and abdominal area will be our on top-level priority.

The other important point is about the incisions location. On a successful tummy tuck operation, incision trail must be lower as much as possible like casesarean line, under the bikini line. After the existing area is healed, the patient must be able to camouflage the incision line under her bikini or underwear, even if it’s vague.

The third matter that doctor must be careful on tummy tuck operation is mons pubis. That’s the most skipped part of the operation. This area is a swolen and hairy that starts under caesarean line and goes down to clitoris. This area must be shaped in harmony with the new abdomen. A swollen mons pubis that starts from a tense abdomen causes distress, that’s why their harmony is extremely important.

The last one that I want to mention is the the loin. After removing the fat cells from the abdominal area, if you don’t  touch or reshape the waist area it will create an unproportional structure. That’s why, just like a pleated skirt, structure must be fit to waist.

A close look to contemporary tummy tuck

Women who want to have a muscular body, practices their abdominal muscles. Additional to abdominal muscle, we see women who crowd gyms for abs crack, a hollow shape that starts between breasts to the stomach. A well-built body is always wanted and it’s aesthetic. Actually, women’s bodies’ are loved with their rounded shape and elegance. Because woman symbolizes elegance, she is mother, soft, gentle. She fights with her mind, not her body. But in today’s world, increased number of working women,having the potential of working in every sector, make women appear stronger. Shortly, it’s a matter of image. That’s why, the number of women who do sports, try to look more energetic and want abdominal muscle and abs crack, has increased. Thats why, we include the abs crack and abdominal muscle on new generation tummy tuck operations.

To be seen lively, energetic, strong, steady and invincible

After we complete the tummy tuck operation, we strip the abdomen away from a tense drum look and we give more bulgy shapes to it. We concretize the muscles from inside, then we close the cut. Our aim in tummy tucks is to give fat cells a muscle shape. The technique that we use is liposculpture method. We slenderize the fat accumulation near muscle edges. In this manner, a muscular appearance is formed. For abs crack appearance, we do the same thing to the area above the stomach. 

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