My technique of genital beautification provides …

In this issue, I want to talk about genital beautification process, which brought me International Golden Bistouri Award in 2014. Sexual life is an indispensable aspect of human life. Such intimacy is required sometimes for reproduction, mostly to become a couple, and always to reinforce the relationships. Female genital area constitutes the basis of sexual life, and even life itself. Nevertheless, female genital area can undergo certain changes due to uncontrolled births, hormonal fluctuations, gravity and age. Such change may cause lack of self-confidence and affect the satisfactoriness of sexual life. Even though it is such a vital area, it is maybe the most ignored in terms of problems and losses in shape. However, our body is a whole, and the genital area deserves the attention and care which we pay to our face. This was my point of departure for creating the genital beautification technique. 

Genital area has various functions and a unique anatomy. It comprises the last stop of urinary system, points of pleasure and area of intercourse. Especially the uncontrolled births and pregnancy with heavy baby, as well as hormonal changes throughout the time, pave way for certain degradation on genital area; besides, some congenital problems, such as malformation, can be in question. Change of color, urinary incontinence and extension are among the cases… Genital beautification is not only a technique with aesthetic purpose. For example, vaginal lips, bigger and more sagging than normal, can rub against the underwear and cause degradation; moreover, malformed vaginal lips can lead to urinary incontinence. 

My technique of genital beautification provides such problems with a solution of concept content. The technique includes practical remedies such as Spider Web Aesthetic, stem cell-rich Cihantimur Fat Transfer system and laser applications. These modern practices render the recovery period as comfortable as possible, and provide the vagina with the aesthetic and health it deserves. Above all, they enhance the self-confidence of woman, and bring along a new era in their sexual life. 

Take good care of your body and soul!

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