To achieve the task of reshaping the body

What is fat and where does it come from?

Fat is a lipid that is used to store energy in the body, that is, a water-insoluble structure. When we take more energy than we use, our body store this excess energy as fat. The fat is then taken up by the fat cells in the body and is similar to the small balloons inflated as the fat soaks up. Fat cells are found in scattered forms in our bodies. It’s about how little fat cells are in some genetic predisposition. In addition, as we age, our metabolic rates change and there may be a change in how much fat is stored. Typically, as we get older, our lifestyles become less active, and if our food intake does not change, we start to store too much calorie intake as fat.

Basic Approach to Fat Removal and Body Reshaping

Now we understand what the fat is. Now it’s your turn. What do we do and how to remove these fat cells from our bodies. There are different basic approaches to coping with excess fat: making less fat, destroying (killing) fat cells and replacing fat cells

1. Making less fat.

This is a diet and lifestyle approach. The idea is to reduce the amount of energy you intake (as calories) and increase the amount of energy you use. This is actually the starting point for body reshaping. There are hundreds of dietary programs and thousands of books on this subject. You are also aware that you are constantly bombarded with diet and exercise messages. How to decide what works and what does not work unfortunately, this is not easy, and having to fight constantly will require determination. The truth is that it will work if almost all diet programs are followed. What is ultimately needed is not just a diet, but knowing what we eat, and changing our eating habits. The best diet programs are just a bridge to make this change.

2. Removal of fat cells, ie liposuction

Removal of fat cells can be done by liposuction. A cannula is inserted into the fat stores and the fat is harvested. With liposuction, the fat cells go away forever after they are removed, leaving the body. In addition, the desired fat can be removed from a particular area in a seance. This is a surgery and there is a short recovery period, but of course this process will vary from person to person.

3. Changing the location of fat cells, ie total body reshaping

Sometimes healthy eating and exercise habits may not be enough. Genetically programmed fat accumulation areas, diet and lifestyle efforts may not be able to recover. It may be necessary to do other things. It may not be enough to remove fat from the body by liposuction, because we can actually say that our fleece is our inner garments that give shape to our bodies. There is always fat on the basis of a thin waist, a more prominent butt, a livelier breasts, a more beautiful oval hip structure.

Here, we are here to achieve the task of reshaping the body by transferring liposculpture to the other parts of the body. Liposculpture is a device that helps shape the body like a sculptor, while at the same time it tightens the remaining tissue. The fat cells harvested are also transferred to a non-breathing storage box. Place in the device, the root is enriched from the cell and transferred to the area of ​​need. Where can it be transferred? Thighs, breasts, legs, face. The main issue here is the fact that the fat is taken in a shaped form and transferred to the other areas to reshape. This requires an elaborate aesthetic surgeon. Take good care of your body and soul!

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