Forming permanent fat, lots for the fats transferred to the butt

Spider Web Butt Lift is a process done on the butt area but let’s take a look at the status of the buttocks first. The buttocks are extremely important for an aesthetic posture. In time, the decrease in fat and muscle tissue, or congenital buttock, brings the aesthetics of the buttocks. Among the most common aesthetic surgery procedures, butt enlargement, BBL or butt aaugmentation is also an operation that I consider in Total Body ReShaping. Often, the patient’s body is formed and re-shaped by collecting regional fats and transferring them to the butt area with contours.

Spider web technique since 2011, especially applied to the face area, lifting and tightening the saggy skin. The basis of Spider Web aesthetics is the threads. I place these threads in the subcutaneous tissue just like the spider web and the body reacts to these threads. It weaves its own biological network to heal tissue around the threads. This biological network provides a significant tightening and recovery. The threads melt within 6 months and this network continues its life.

Spider Web Butt Lift is a mechanism that works with the same philosophy. It forms permanent fat, lots for the fats transferred to the butt. In short, fat cells continue to live in this biological network. The advantages of Spider Web Butt lift can be listed as follows:

Permanent fat nets

More tight and more upright hips

A beautiful cellulite-free skin

Solved sagging problem of buttocks

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