Because nice butts are very important for an aesthetic stance

Spider Web Butt Lift is a technique I have developed with the acceleration of Brazilian Butt Lift for the last 4 years. The fact that curved body contours have become the most preferred body shape in recent years has caused a little more attention to the butt line. In fact, they all have the same focus: tighter, smoother and steep buttocks This is the basis of my Spider Web Butt Lift technique!

No one should deny, nice butts are very important for an aesthetic stance. Unfortunately, not everyone is born genetically lucky. A flat butt structure, especially the problem of collapse in the butt cheek area, is almost one of the biggest problems. In addition, aging in the butt area has a huge impact.

The desired image is that your butt is slightly dislocated, slightly voluminous but most importantly fresh, tight and steep. A thin waist to accompany which  provides the exact desired image.

Spider Web Butt Lift Technique

I would like to take a look at the details of my Spider Web Butt Lift technique. Butt structure is under a muscular texture and is covered with a layer of fat on top. What we do in Brazilian Butt Lift is to harvest regional fats cells and transfer them to this area. But I’m adding one more step to this process. I gather and tighten the butt with the Spider Web technique, this time it has a more aesthetic stance with the fat transferred to the butt.

This can be done with the Spider Web aesthetics without adding fat. I’m drawing the butt in the shape of a spider web, then I’m putting the polydiaxanone threads in this structure. These threads are fusible medical threads. Over time, these threads desolve, but until they desolve, the body reacts to them, creating a strong collagen network around it. The collagen stay in this network. This makes your butt stand up, revitalized and most importantly tighten.

In 2011, I developed the Spider Web aesthetics that I developed in time. I always say that this technique can be done any area where there is skin. It provides freshness, vitality and tightness to many areas such as breast, face, butt, abdomen and legs.

The healing process is also very comfortable. If Spider Web Butt Lift is done with fat injection, it is possible to return to social life on the same day.

Take good care of your body and soul.

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