We love curly hips instinctively

Was it very ambitious? Yes, the sexiest zone, no breasts, no legs, no one else! We love curly hips instinctively

There is a rising trend for the last 3 years, the name is Brazilian Butt . Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez, or many famous people have such a phenomenon that underneath is a wide smooth, full-bodied hips. If you ask 100 men, at least 80 of them will admit that the sexiest part of you is the buttocks. Do you think that might be why?

If we consider human evolution, we can see that the only thing that mates face to face on the face of the earth is mankind. When man walked with 4 legs, he was the most attractive region of the buttocks, because the breasts were not even visible. But the pelvis was obvious, with a strong form of charm. Since then our instincts have undoubtedly regarded the buttocks as a stimulating zone. So we look at the buttocks instinctively, we find it sexy. First there was a lump, the breasts would never was his throne.

The rounded buttocks are also a symbol of fertility. The strongest muscle structure is here, and in women the puberty is accompanied by hormone-altering fat accumulation in this area. The butt is rounding. At this point, “women’s walk” emerges which we can accept as an element of sexual attraction. A short hip bone and a plump buttocks form this movement. From the righteousness of the human being to the two-legged life, he noticed the presence of the breasts. Also note that the round anatomy of the breasts, the buttocks evoke. After two legs, the emerging breasts begin to substitute the sexual function of the hips. Briefly, the breasts’ populations are caused by the fact that they are reminiscent of buttocks.

Now let’s look at what can be done to have a curved, smooth and more rounded and dislocated buttocks lines. I will tell you about the aesthetic surgery part of the event …

How is the Brazilian Butt Lift BBL done?

First of all, our goal is to achieve the desired form of buttocks, that is to say, with a steep, fuller, smooth skin and complementary element. We make a firm and steep form of spider web aesthetics and buttocks. Then we transfer the regional fats from the abdomen or waist with the Cihantimur Fat Transfer technique to give fullness to the buttucks.

After being enriched from the root, this fat transplanted benefits both the smoothing of the skin surface in the buttocks, and it is also instrumental in introducing it into a more permanent and desirable form. Both techniques also shorten the healing process. In this process with microinputs, incision is not made. Removal of the fat and transfer of the buttocks is done with fine cannulas. The transaction can not affect your social life. You can start to exercises in about 2 weeks on average.

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