Changing the body fat, especially the waist, hip, belly and leg area

Among the rising trends of recent time isTotal Body Reshaping. I can say that Total Body Shaping is a surgery that I am most used to and that I can enjoy most of my art and enjoy.

What is Total Body Reshaping?

Total Body Reshaping is a surgical procedure performed by changing the body fat, especially the waist, hip, belly and leg area. In fact, in summary, we take the excess fat and transfer it to the other areas where we want to gain volume. I can say that we have harvest from one area and move it other areas.

May be you are unhappy with the fat on your tummy, you find your waist thick, but at the same time you think your butt is small. We can gather all these surpluses and re-shape your butt with fat transfer.

How is Total Body Reshaping done?

We do this with liposculpture application. With fine-tipped cannulas, your excess fat is harvested first. The vibrating mechanism at the end of the device also allows us to shape the body while collecting the fat. When we are thinning your belly, we have a chance to re-shape and contour of the abdomen with this device. Briefly, instead of a flattened waist and abdomen, a tremendous image is obtained, with folds and stumps.

All of these recovered fats fall into a non-aerated device, allowing the life of the stem cells in the intended fats. Then, without ever leaving the operating room, these fats are instantly centrifuged and separated from water and unnecessary contents, resulting in a pure stem cell column. At this point, if there is a area where volume is required,  we transfer the stem cell enriched fat tissues to those areas.

What level of technology is it?

The transfer of fat has been done for more than 10 years, but its popularity has increased in recent years because it enables us to enrich from the stem cell we use and to purify it on the spot without being removed from the operating room, so that our fat transfers are transported more smoothly and durably than in the past. The fat transfer content obtained using these techniques allows the stem cells to survive and prolong their life and give a smoother result. Briefly, these highly purified stem cells and small amount of high-density stem cells. These regenerative type cells not only fill the tissues but also increase the circulation.

What is the benefit of the stem cell?

We pay attention to this, just as we look at a baby, we are separating the fats with tenderness. The reason is actually very simple:

1- The living stem cell continues its life in the field where it is transferred, it accompanies you for life. It does not melt, it does not get lost, it ages with you.

2 – The skin tone is tremendously rejuvenated as it increases the blood circulation in the area where it is delivered. The skin becomes livelier and brighter than before.

3- There is no such thing as a complication or an allergy that body fillers can create because you are using your own fat and stem cells instead of any filler. Briefly, since you it is your own fat, there is no need to worry about an allergic reaction or rejection by your body

Remember, it will continue to age and lose volume as it normally does, but the process will be essentially permanent.

Is fat transfer expensive?

Fat transfer is more expensive than filling materials. However, if you do the calculations, you can see that in the long run the fillers are more costly than fat transfer. Also, the process we have already done here is not just volume. It is both contour, volume, and unwanted removal fat.

Most importantly, do not forget that you are doing something permanent. The results depend on the ability of the surgeon and how he/she shapes your body, in terms of an artistic point of view. Of course also the collection of stem cells, separation, transplantation, and most importantly, is the primary rule of ultimate satisfaction and long-term satisfaction with the outcome of the patient.

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