Dr. Bülent’s new breast beautification technique

 Over time, a woman’s breasts often change, losing their youthful shape, look, and firmness. Loss of skin elasticity is the main factor affecting these changes, which can result from: pregnancy, breastfeeding, gaining and loosing weight, aging, and gravity.

The aim of Dr. Bülent’s new breast beautification technique is to let your breasts regain the young, fresh, and firm character they once had. However, this technique is different to a typical breast augmentation and breast lift. Dr. Bülent’s new breast beautification technique, involves a fat transfer to the breasts followed by PDO (Polydioxanone) threading technique.

The fat transfer is done by transferring some of your own fat cells to the breasts using a small cannula (sterile straw-like tube) which will give your breasts the fullness they once had.

The PDO threading is done by placing threads under the skin using very fine needles which will replace and strengthen the thinning fibers (Collagen and Elastine) and give your breasts a more natural and firm look.

The process takes 20-40 minutes to complete and is done without incision which means there won’t be any scaring and no hospitalization is needed. This also means that the healing process is a lot faster than other techniques which will give you the freedom to return to normal life and resume your daily activities one day after the operation.

Full healing will take between 10-15 days during which you’ll have to wear a special supportive bra. Final results can be seen in 3-6 months and will be permanent.

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