Should cosmetic nose surgery be done? Absolutely not! 

Just like Barbara Streisand, Sarah Jessica Parker is also among the most attractive actresses in Hollywood with a nose that is not too aesthetic upon first glance. Both their noses are not “perfect” and they represent a rebellious stance against the perfection and impeccable beauty demanded by show business. So, should cosmetic nose surgery be done? Absolutely not! 

Cosmetic surgery is one of the most popular surgical procedures on the planet. Patients generally come to our clinic holding the picture of a celebrity in their hand and say, “I want a nose like that!”. “I do not care about the width of my forehead, my cheeks, the length of my chin or even my height and weight as well as my gender; I just want this nose!” If you are a lucky individual, your doctor makes an explanation to you and states that this would not suit you and may carry out a cosmetic nose surgery that will fit all the contours of your face. 

If you are not lucky, you will have a nose that is exactly like the one in the picture but one which does not suit you at all. To put it short, Barbra Streisand or Sarah Jessica Parker have nose structures that go well with their facial contours and they are perfectly aware of this. Because if your nose is in perfect harmony with your face even though it is hooked or bent and if it does not cause any problems such as respiration and if you experience no loss of self-confidence as a result of this; you do not need cosmetic nose surgery. 

The nose is an organ that drops down with time, just like the skin that cannot resist the pull of gravity. Drooping nose tip can have adverse effects on facial beauty in terms of aesthetics. You can check this by looking at your old photos. A simple rhinoplasty will not make any radical changes. It is just like a permanent nose powder on top of your total facial beauty. 

The nose tip is lifted via medical threads. No tampons, plaster or lancet is used, it is applied only via micro-procedures to the point and thus, you experience a very comfortable, painless recovery period with immediate return to social life. Intervention can be made if you have a nasal bridge that disturbs you, however it is certainly not a procedure that eliminates your natural beauty and transforms you into someone else. 

You should consider your daily comfort. The nose is never as prominent as your eyes, skin, hair or lips. You should consider cosmetic nose surgery only when you experience loss of self-confidence or have certain health problems. Simple cosmetic nose surgery should not come to one’s mind for other contour re-adjustments. Do not look like anybody else. Just be yourself! Like Barbara and Sarah…

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